When first married, Jeff and I lived in an apartment in one of two identical brick buildings — apartment 2Q, at the far end of the hall.

One day, having taken the bus home, I came through the front door, took the elevator up, then walked the long hallway to the apartment. As I started to put my key in the lock, I realized there was a nameplate on the door — “2Q, Kincaid.”

Not my name. The right apartment. But not mine. Hmm.

I took a deep breath, walked back to the elevator, made a u-turn and walked the hallway again. It still said “Kincaid.” Instantly I knew what had happened. I had slipped through an invisible gateway or wormhole into a parallel universe, another dimension where I didn’t exist. I’d been replaced by someone named Kincaid.

It took a while,  standing there, staring at the door before it occurred to me I was in the wrong building. A simple mistake: the two buildings were twins. Oops.

What was interesting is not that I went into the wrong building but I assumed I’d slipped into the Twilight Zone. Does everyone think like that? What would YOU think?

20 thoughts on “THROUGH THE WORMHOLE”

  1. I tried to get into the wrong car yesterday. It didn’t even look like mine. It took me more seconds than it should have to realize it wouldn’t open because it wasn’t my car. I like that you thought you’d slipped through an invisible gateway into a parallel universe.


  2. I stay on the second floor and prefer to take the stairs. Sometimes I skip and reach the first floor and sometimes I reach the third floor. Once I tried to open the door frantically, while the actual residents were inside.Oops! I simply smiled when someone came and told them I’m sorry and stay on the second floor.


  3. A similar experience that occurs to me quite often is I will pick up one thing, only to find out later I actually have something different in my hands. This happens a lot at work when I grab a box of something to stock on the shelf and walk over to where it goes… only to discover I now have a different box in my hands. I’d swear I grabbed the right one the first time. I’m sure Rod Serling’s out there chuckling at me every time I do that….


      1. That’s why you need to always carry a mirror around just in case you get transported through a worm hole.

        There was a movie once about an astronaut that landed on what he though was Earth but it was actually a almost identical planet on the other side of the sun.


        1. The only thing that makes me crazier (in a good way) than parallel worlds is time travel. The impossibility of it makes my brain turn to jelly but I LOVE it. I want to do it. Now I will start carrying a mirror, since you mentioned it — and I wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared. A mirror plus the camera, my kindle, cell phone and the little Olympus voice recorder I got for no reason except it seemed like a good idea at the time. I need a hand truck for my gear. But if I fall through that wormhole, I’ll be able to take some GREAT pictures — and record the whole thing, too. The Boy Scouts have nothing on me. I AM prepared.


  4. Did a similar thing in an apartment building … wrong floor. Actually walked right in …. OOOOPS !!!
    Then … right out.
    Another good one is when you’re pounding on the door. “Hey! Open up.” and it’s the wrong door.
    But not really a Zone event. I know what you mean though. Very disconcerting.


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