On this snowy January day, the view from my window. A passing red truck. Trees and the soft white light of deep winter. It’s very cold out there and every flake sticks, so a little snow goes a long way.

My window snowy day

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25 thoughts on “MY WINDOW, MY WORLD

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    • I’ve often thought I should write a thriller set here since — other than car crashes — nothing ever happens. Except I would have no idea where to start. But I’ll lend my neighborhood to anyone looking for a location for mystery/thriller … or even a horror story 🙂


      • Sounds like the book started already, only it needs to be written down, don´t give up on the idea, I see how this could set the mood for a page-turner! I have never written that genre, but I´ve heard of writers scanning te newspaper for accidents and murders (this actually sounds horrible now that I´ve written it down ^^).

        That´s generous, thank you! Totally reminds me of the “Adoption Section” of NaNoWriMo 😉


        • I’m not good at plots … OR action. My characters tend to be just like me. Good talkers, but not very active. I’ve been trying to conquer this for a long, long time. I’ll never give up, but I don’t know that I’ll ever beat it, either 🙂


          • That does not sound bad at all, at least tome, I often judge character development based on dialogue. I guet you totally on the plot problem, and I can not give other advice than to read books with a good plot construction. I feel like the Harry potter series taught me a lot about that, and of course Agatha Cristie ❤


            • At my age, I have read literally thousands of books and will no doubt read thousands more. It’s not lack of understanding. It’s a lack of that particular talent. I’ve got other abilities. I don’t need to have them all. I can accept having limitations. It’s okay 🙂


              • I hear you on that, and wish I would see my own limitations so cearly… But I nonetheless encourage you to go in that direction, even if the belief isn´t quite there. I just can´t imagine that someone with your culture and way to put ideas would lack the ability to write… I hope you won´t feel like I´m giving advice where none is needed, but really, good writing does more good than bad, to everyone involved ❤


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    • I’ve often thought so. Pity I can’t write a plotted story to save my life, but I’ll lend the setting to anyone who needs it 🙂 I totally love your baobab trees. Talk about the setting for a story … the tree is a setting all by itself.


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    • I bet Rhode Island. That’s where the road goes. Johnston, RI. I believe the truck belongs to the farmer around the block, the one with the dairy cows, organic honey and unpasteurized (also non-homogenized) milk — and fancy chickens. He sells eggs, but you have to bring your own cartons. He feeds the wild turkeys, too. Nice guy. Nice truck.


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