In response to today’s Daily Prompt, ripped from the headlines, one of today’s stories in the Boston Globe reads as follows:

Marijuana advocates eye legalization in Mass.

An effort has been launched to both get a question calling for the drug’s legalization on the 2016 ballot and to raise enough money for victory.

I kind of wondered what happened. I mean we passed a referendum making medical marijuana legal more than a year ago. We passed it, we talked about it and as happens to much legislation and good intentions in this commonwealth, it was never heard from again. I think we could legalize it and have an equally impressive result, that is to say, nothing. Nada. The good news would be that there would be no more busting people for smoking a joint at a concert … or would it? I suppose it would depend on how the law was worded. But I somehow doubt it would make it more available to most people. Or cheaper. Or better quality.

Why not? Because this is Massachusetts. Not only (to quote Tip O’Neill) is all politics local, but all politics is more than slightly corrupted by a long history of entrenched political chicanery. Boston has the original party machine. Okay, maybe we share the honor with New York, assuming you consider it an honor.

marijuana in my dreams

So they can eye legalization, but that won’t do me or my baby boomer buddies much good. Even if they pass it, they will find a way to keep it from being easy to buy or even moderately available. By the time they finish with the legal mumbo jumbo, it will be easier to go find the original illegal sources and buy some there. Because otherwise, it will be just like trying to get MassHealth. You’ll fill out a thousand page form, send it in, and they will lose it. You will fill in another form, send it and they will tell you it’s too late to meet the deadline (because they lost the first one). Eventually, they will — with snail-like slowness — start to process the application. If you don’t die first, a year or two later, you’ll get some fantastic medical benefits, or in this case, weed. Except the price will be so high you’ll realize the illegal stuff was a bargain in comparison. The taxes alone will exceed the original non-legal price by hundreds of percent.

Dream on, you aging hippies. It aint’ gonna happen here in our lifetime.

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  1. (Illegal) Pot growing in BC is a huge industry.
    I survived my fling with drug culture – late 60’s early 70’s. Took me about 7 years to get it out of my system – run that gauntlet.
    Some didn’t make it.

    Now they have ‘medical maryjane’ out there in that Socialist Wonderland called British Columbia. Users call it the ‘herb’.
    “Hey man, wanna do some herb?”
    “Nope … been there … and looking it you, it ain’t harmless.”


    • We could use a huge industry around here. Seriously. Since the dot coms died, there’s been a painful shortage of industry. Huge unemployment problem. I’d rather they grow pot than build factories that belch smoke and pollute the rivers. It’s a nice CLEAN industry!


  2. Please stop ripping the headlines! We have enough problems with the news. Great Caesar’s ghost! P. White Editor Dailey Planet

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  3. Living in a state that allows medical marijuana sort if, it’s been ok and a mess.
    Officers stop a car with pounds of legal medical pot and all is ok. Next car stopped with a half a joint in ash tray and they are ticketed or hauled to jail, depending on county or police department.
    One canibus (sp?) store does a great business with home deliveries making up large percentage of the stores revenues. No problems.
    Another store us raided by the Feds in full force tactile gear. Everyone is hauled to jail and store is torn apart.
    $100,000 later in attorney fees most don’t do jail time.
    Make it all legal, I think everyone except the attorneys will be better off.


  4. Sooooooo is that your garden : ) ~


  5. But you know it is a very pretty plant to have in the garden (only the female sort). Nice and tall and lovely luscious green leaves. Trouble is it seeds all over the place and the neighbours start wondering what it is that is growing.



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