Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

Snow out front windowIt’s snowing a blizzard out there … falling at an inch and a bit per hour. It’s almost midnight and there are about 4 inches on the ground. I wonder how many we’ll have by morning? It’s bitterly cold too, around 9 degrees at the moment and still dropping.

This makes the amount of snowfall in relation to the amount of moisture in the air much larger. If the thermometer keeps going down, the amount of snow will keep going up.

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  1. It’s cold here too, but not snow, just endless rain and dark skies. The thoughts of going out into cold damp nature didn’t appeal to much. So very smart – you caught nature beautifully, without sticking one toe outdoors.


  2. Somehow we lucked out, no snow! Unfortunately we got the ultra-freezing temps brrrrr. Beautiful picture! 🙂


  3. Supposedly it will be 1 degree when I wake up in the morning. I don’t get any fun snow to go with it though. Jealous! 😀


  4. This is such a cool shot and wonderful for my challenge!! Thanks so much for playing along!


  5. Drats!! Less than a month til pitchers and catchers report for spring training. That’s what I’m a-thinkin’ about.


  6. There’s a part of me that envies you in the Northeast with your snowfall & colder weather. It can become a Wintery picture postcard very quickly. Here in the Pacific Northwest our Winters are so mild we often have the most pleasant weather in the country. We’re not even getting our usual rainfall this year. I do enjoy watch the snow coming down through your windows so by all means please continue to share your world with us.


    • Well, this morning, we are NOT buried, though it is below zero outside, -1 I think. As soon as the guv declared a state of emergency, the storm abruptly ended. He should just declare the emergency before the snow arrives and maybe we’d have better weather.

      Snow is photogenic, but it’s no fun falling down or sliding around in your car, hitting other cars and trees and all. But I do admit, it makes wonderful photographs. It looks like Currier and Ives postcard around here from December through March!


  7. Brr – great photo! It reached almost freezing here on Monday night but by yesterday morning it had shot back up to a balmy 9 degrees and I had to turn the car heater back down. Strange winter!


    • We didn’t have snowmedeggan, but it’s cold alright, in Farenheit -1. Still, just a few inches in the end, despite all the hype I’m not sorry to have a cancelled day, though. Warming up my camera!!


  8. It definitely looks cold.



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