Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination. Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS.

I can do this. I have books. I wrote a book … and it has its own blurb! Wow! I can DO this, oh world! Just hold on, let me run and get the camera and I’ll take a few pictures. I’ll be right back. Don’t leave. I won’t be gone long …

(Time: 11:10 AM EST … tick tick tick …)

Okay, I’m back and it’s just 11:21 AM. I took pictures. A few more than I intended and gave the desperate canines another round of biscuits. I’d like to know which of you rotten little terriers peed on the kitchen floor! Too cold for your little paws? You know, that could affect your biscuit distribution if I ever catch you!

Now, please wait another few minutes while I take a look at the pictures and see which ones I want to use. Stay put. I’m just going to peek into Photoshop briefly … tick tick tick …

I’m nearly ready. Not quite, but pictures take time. It’s already 12:15 PM. I never seem to leave enough time to process photos. Anyway, I get hung up, frozen while trying to decide what to do with which pictures. I guess this is going to go up tomorrow, rather than right now, because it’s getting late and I’m not finished yet. Drat.

Tomorrow is another day. (Who said that?)(Just kidding. I know.)

You can tell a lot about people from the contents of their bookcases. I’m always shocked to go into a home and discover there are NO bookcases. I realize there are people who don’t read, but I still get upset. How can you not love books?

You can look at the pictures here and know a lot about both of us. We share many books … mysteries and histories … but branch off into specializations too. I’m into antiques, sci fi and fantasy. Garry is a film buff, a devotee of classic film — and baseball.

Between us, we never lack for something to talk about. Or, at least, I don’t!

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  1. I have several bookcases, but I have to rotate my crops or I’ll run out of room. I just donated a bag-full to the library. I kept my copy of Teepee. 🙂
    I may have to take pictures too. Thanks for the idea.


  2. There are also the books in our downstairs “library”. They are just waiting to be rediscovered.


  3. What I most love about your books on the bookshelves is that they look well-loved. I hate borrowing books from my dad or my sister, because they keep theirs pristine — no dog-earing pages, no cracks in the spine, cover kept in perfect condition. And I just can’t do that. I only have one bookcase in my house, but I have numerous on my Kindle. Personal preference kind of thing.


    • It is getting to that. I got a copy of Gretchen Archer’s latest book (Double Dip) long before publication. Signed. With me leading the acknowledgment page. Woot woot woot! I finally cadged a kindle version out of her publisher because I didn’t want to let the pages of the hardcopy get all curly and bent by actually READING it 🙂 I have a lot of signed first edition hard covers of favorite authors … James Lee Burke, Kim Harrison and some others, too … and I don’t want to read them. I read them on Kindle or listen to the audio versions … but the books live proudly on the shelf ever since the day many years ago when I found Garry using a highlighting pen on one of my signed first additions and nearly exploded crying NO NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT … Poor man thought he was just reading a book.


  4. One of the guys at work doesn’t read at all (I mean he can read but he doesn’t read books). I’m always shocked – he’s missing out on so much! His vocabulary has suffered as well (ahem).
    It would take a 2 second glance at my bookcase to peg me for a sci-fi/fantasy fan 🙂


    • There are far too many people who don’t read. And they appear to be proud of it. That they don’t read is bad, but PROUD of not reading? Like it’s some kind of accomplishment? A sad day for culture and literature. Sad, sad day.


  5. Marilyn I would totally agree with what you said,” I’m always shocked to go…. and discover there are NO bookcases.” Sometimes you end up in a boring company and you don’t even have a book to rescue you (has happened with me when I’m dragged to a place where I know I’ll be meeting boring people and they don’t even have any books at home).;)


  6. These books truly are your treasures! But so is your love for Garry 🙂 I never knew you wrote a book! You are quite the writer! Was it published?


  7. Wonderful, Marilyn: great images and loved the bit about the dog peeing – very funny! You have a toucan ornament! Fabulous! xxx


    • Each book and little decoration has a story. Everything means something special. Thanks😄


    • It was (as you can see) very late or extremely early when I wrote that note! I found a netflix movie and lost the night (oops) .. But I wanted to say you triggered a whole avalanche of memories. The little toucan that Garry’s brother Anton brought back from Fiji or someplace like that. The little peat cat I bought somewhere in Galway on our honeymoon. Books from everywhere we’ve been (cookbooks too). AT a certain stage of life, stuff isn’t just stuff. It’s all our memories.


  8. You have an Angelique book?. I remember reading them all in my teenage years, that brings back some memories. I might even still have one in the hobby room.


    • They were my favorite books for most of my life. You know, Anne Golan is still alive, living in Paris and there are half a dozen more books. Unfortunately for me they have not been translated into English. But I loved Angelique. She was brave and strong and didn’t take crap from anyone … even her kids or husbands. Kind of my role model 😊


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