Seems like a long time ago. Looking through my folders, I found spring waiting for me. This is last May. The trees were beginning to show leaf. The colors were soft pink and pale golden green. The tulips and forsythia were in bloom.

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  1. Good to be reminded that spring exists and *will* come again! Hurray! Beautiful photos.


  2. Can’t come soon enough! Below zero all day and we’ll get above zero sometime Wednesday. The Russians are laughing at us, especially the ones in Siberia.


  3. I love your photography, you are such an artist! Even though I hate Summer, I will be happy to see Spring arrive, it’s been an ugly, dirty, cold winter over here, thanks for the reminders of the joys of Spring!


    • Photography has been my hobby since … phew … forever. I got my first camera when I was 19 and I’ve just been having fun ever since. I don’t know that I’m such an artist, but I do enjoy taking pictures 🙂

      I used to like the seasons … but the older and achier I get, the less the bitter cold and snow agree with me.


  4. A most beautiful ode!


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