Seriously — who are these people and how did those searches land them on my site?


pic of sick face

What does this mean? Picture of a sick face? What do you mean by sick? And why did it end up here, on Serendipity? Who are you calling sick?

googleexcerpts from unxead pool

All I can say is huh? What? No idea what this means. Oh, wait. I bet it’s The Undead Pool, the new book by Kim Harrison coming out next month. I’m looking forward to it … but surely this search should have taken them to Kim Harrison’s blog or Amazon? Why me?

Doesn’t the inability to spell the title disqualify the search?

wyatt earp clothing

I swear I have never written anything about Wyatt Earp’s clothing. I mentioned his gun I think. A long time ago. In context of a review of Tombstone. But I never said a word about his pants. Or any other article of clothing.

So was it the gun you think?


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  2. I think I’m jealous. Looking through all of the search terms used to land at my blog, all of them seem to be on topic except for “how to make strawberry danish crepes.” πŸ˜‰


  3. Within that post, I sense another book recommendation. I’m really going to need to talk someone into giving me an Amazon gift card for Valentine’s Day, at the rate we’re going. More on-topic, my weirdest and most common search phrase is: “smell of sleep.” This, however, makes sense, because I once wrote a post titled, “The Smell of Sleep in the Morning” and then went off to write about something else altogether. So yeah, I guess I don’t have any really “weird” search terms leading people to my site. Ah well! I’ll live vicariously through you because you seem to have a few to spare. πŸ˜€


    • Be careful what you wish for. Along with the weird searches you sometimes get some very scary wackos. I had one I felt I should immediately report to homeland security. Whoa ho, we are talking deeply disturbed in a fully armed sort of way.


  4. The majority that show up on my blog say unknown term, or something along those lines. It concerns me that google doesn’t even know what they’re looking for and just sends them over to me! What is google trying to tell me? πŸ˜‰


  5. Too funny. Most of time the search terms are hidden but I’ve seen a few weird ones. Recently one came up”negative reviews of Malala”. Not sure why mine came up on that…..


  6. It’s hilarious–some of the things which people type and then all of a sudden, it points to your blog page. I think I’m gonna have to check mine out to see what crazy things may show up! πŸ˜‰


  7. Good grief, how bizarre, Marilyn: I seriously wonder whether some of these searchers are beaming up from an alternative universe/don’t speak human/are attempting to crack a code of paranoia! xxx


    • There are a lot of crazy/illiterate/weirdos/wackos and possible space aliens out there. What I really want to know is why Google or Bing or whatever search engine got them here figured from those words that this was the place to drop them off on their journey. That’s somewhat disturbing πŸ™‚


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