Not every day yields a bonanza of weirdness. but there has been a small epidemic recently. Today we have two winners!

gonzo xxx water sake

sake2me-all-four-products-black-bg-MASTER-TNI wrote a post with the word GONZO in the title … as did anyone else who responded to that writing challenge … so why did this one come to me in particular? And what might an XXX WATER SAKE be? It’s the XXX that has me most concerned. Clearly this water sake is one bad sake. Not “for heaven’s sake,” surely. And not the sake you drink with sushi at a Japanese restaurant because that sake is yummy in the tummy.

This is a lurid and evil sake, perhaps a spirit sake, dangerous to ones soul. I can but speculate on the nature of XXX water sakes and what they have to do with me. It’s not right, them creeping up on me this way.

And then there is … (trumpets, short drumroll) …

doleful porn tube

I am willing to take suggestions. I’m clueless. Three little words, connected only in the bizarre mind of some Internet searcher. Porn? Maybe, though I don’t think this site even rates a PG, much less as “porn” of any kind — though if you put it together with the XXX water sake, you might have something going there …

Tube? Porn tube? An x-rated tube? Like … inner tube? Highly inner tubish?

inner tube

Stay tuned for more. Peculiar things lurk in cyber-space and they converge at Serendipity — the website where you can be as strange as you want because nothing surprises me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that.

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  1. I must definitely stay tuned to a daily dose of weirdness from searches which land oddball searches to your blog. This is great humour! 😀


    • Among the funnier aspects of this is if I try to reproduce the search results, I don’t end up here … sometimes I get nothing at all. Maybe these beknighted weirdos are using an equally beknighted search engine?


  2. “Doleful porn”…. well, ol’ Senator Bob did make all those Viagra commercials….


    • What a hoot 🙂 Bob Dole was indeed Doleful — though he did also have a pretty snappy sense of humor which came out in interviews. But the idea of him as a porn star is precious. And such an image. Oy.


  3. Oh, you do make me laugh, Marilyn. This is such a great, healthy way of outing the ridiculous and sinister elements. xxx


  4. rather disturbingly someone did a search by the terms “girl meat porn horse” and my blog was the second hit out of 2,000,000!!!! i dont know what was more disturbing, the fact that my page was one of the first port of calls for such a fetish or that someone was sat at home searching for it


    • Have you tried to reproduce the search and gotten the same results? Because I don’t get anything like the same results when I try it. Makes me wonder exactly which search engine they ARE using.


      • yeh i did on google and i was number 2!!!!!!! it was a blog on tesco and hypocrisy of all things


        • Okay then. You can’t buy a placement like that, but how many people are going to use that particular phrase to search for a post on Tesco and hypocrisy? I know it wouldn’t be my first thought 😛


          • nor mine, its pretty disturbing, lord knows what they were hoping to find, better not think about it if i want to sleep tonight


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