Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


medicine wheel 8



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  4. Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for the post and wonderful Native American flute music. They took me back to my classroom days… I must dig out my flute music CD. Would play it as background for us when we were doing Native American studies. I’ll play it this week. If you or your readers haven’t found author Michael Doris, his books are fantastic: GUESTS, MORNING GIRL and SEES BEHIND TREES were the ones i used in the classroom. Great for young and old alike… talk about imagery, you’ll be bathed in it! Have a wonderful week, Bette


    • I’m always grateful to get a lead on a good author 🙂 I’m not reading much right now. Too unfocused and edgy. But I’m going to look them up and put them on my Amazon wish list so I won’t lose them! Thanks again!


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