Other people’s dogs are forever doing cute things. As far as I can tell, they always do their cute stuff when there’s sufficient light to get a sharp picture.

Not my kids. Uh uh. If they do anything cute, the camera is in the other room. Or the light is terrible. If I have a camera — as I did today — it’s inevitably the camera with the slow lens. The Olympus cameras with the fast lenses? They are in the camera case in my office. Down the hall.


The quality of my doggy photography is dubious, to say the least. Undaunted, I still publish the pictures, out of focus and all. Because by golly, my dogs are adorable! It’s not their fault mom can’t get a clear shot of them. Well, it is a little. They could hold still and let me focus.


Today Garry and I watched the Kitten Bowl. Before you say anything, I know, it’s stupid. But it was fun watching a bunch of cute kitties run around playing for three hours. Pointless and silly, but adorable. I took a few pictures of the terriers who were clearly underwhelmed by the event.


I’ll be interested to see if they show more esprit de corps when AT&T’s puppy bowl comes around.

Yes, we’ll watch that too. We are total suckers for baby animals. If that’s the worst anyone can say about us, we’re doing just fine!


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  1. The hubby in the kitchen critiques are duly noted. They are, yes, pretty much on target.


  2. I love pet pictures! Out of focus or not. I can never get a good picture of Lucy without taking about fifty. Consequently she gets very annoyed at having to hold still for the process. Kitten bowl? Probably more entertaining than the game. I love that your husband suggested it. My hubby is really good to watch just about anything – we’ve seen Kiera Knightly Pride and Predjudice many times. Unfortunately can’t say the same for myself. I have to draw the line at Terminator etc.


    • He wasn’t interested in either of the teams playing and he like kittens better than football players.

      The moment I take the camera out — no matter how stealthy I am — Bonnie is on guard. I don’t even use a flash. It’s as if she has it personally in for me and gets all the other dogs all riled up. I’m a photographer who has dogs and virtually no decent pictures of them. It’s humiliating … and it’s all BONNIE’S FAULT. She does it on purpose. No biscuits for YOU girlie. Okay, just a few.


  3. I have never seen the kitten bowl, I have watched the puppy bowl before, but isn’t the kitten bowl new? I missed both, was too busy with household chores and helping hubby cook his homemade potato soup – that was quite an adventure!


    • The kitten bowl is new. My husband had no interest in this year’s superbowl. Informed me that HE was going to watch the Kitten Bowl. A bit defensively, lest I laugh at him. I laughed anyhow, but we did watch it. It was on the Hallmark Channel. It was very sily, and sometimes hilarious. The dogs were unimpressed. Homemake potato soup sound yummy.


      • I should have switched over to the Kitten Bowl when I had a moment to sit down, the Super Bowl was not exciting, at least in my perspective.

        Harry did a good job making the potato soup, although I had to help him thicken it up a bit. I hate cooking with him though, anytime something turns out bad, he blames me.


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