Share Your World – 2014 Week 5

1) If you had a choice to live anywhere would be your preference salt water beaches, forest, fresh water lakes, hot tub, ski resort or desert?

Well, I live in the middle of a watershed made up of rivers, tributaries, ponds, streams … so I’d have to go with fresh water lakes.

Just across the border in Rhode Island is a park with a boat slip, a beach ... a smooth lake perfect for swimmers and small boats. It's part of the Blackstone River watershed

Just across the border in Rhode Island is a park with a boat slip, a beach … a smooth lake perfect for swimmers and small boats. It’s part of the Blackstone River watershed

2) What was your favorite toy as a child . . . and now?

Dolls. I was and am quite passionately attached to dolls. I own all the dolls I had as a kid plus a couple of hundred more. We get older, but we are always children 🙂



3) Which do you prefer sweet,salty or both at the same time?

Both, really.

4) Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

NOT NOT NOT. Why should be obvious.


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  1. The #4 photo screams NO to snowy winters loud & clear!


  2. I’m with you on the snow.
    Wouldn’t mind living in one of the desert areas with a good ski mountain nearby…


  3. I have to dig my car out from snow like that…No thank you. I like that you are still into dolls. We do have to still be kids somehow…..


    • I started collecting as a kind of return to childhood thing. I could play with dolls again, but I could call it “collecting.” All doll collectors at heart just want to play with their dollies 🙂 I keep looking out at the cars and sighing. It snowed a lot overnight. It wasn’t supposed to do that.


  4. I already guessed you answer to the “snow” question!
    Made for some good photos, though.


  5. If I could live anywhere I wanted, I would live near fresh water lakes….Lake Huron would be my first choice, but I would be very happy living on any fresh water lake (as long as there were no motors allowed). I love the smell, the sounds of water, the wildlife, the sand….all of it.
    My favorite toys as a child were my stuffed animals. I had dozens and dozens of them, and they all held a special place in my heart. They all had names, and were attached to the people who gave them to me. They brought me comfort when I was sad or scared, and they brought warmth and imagination to my bedroom. Now that I have living pets, I would say my favorite toys art based. Spirograph, Lite Brights, paper dolls…things like that.
    Sweet and salty together!
    As far as winters go…I love the snow. I find it magical. About now, I am longing for Spring, but Snowy winters have their place and I wouldn’t want to be without them.
    This post got me thinking of my next post…thank you 🙂


    • I loved the snow when I was a kid. Even up through young adulthood, it was still magic. But these days, getting older with bad backs — and with falling so big danger — I could look at it all day with bliss as long as I never have to walk in it or move it around. It is beautiful … but heavy, slippery, wet … and there is so much of it.

      We live in and around lots of water and I can’t imagine living in a really dry place where I couldn’t get to water easily. Even in Jerusalem, the Mediterranean was just 40 minutes away.

      I had a spirograph. They were very cool!


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