The creative and marvelous Cee Neuner has graced me with not one, but three awards, none of which I’ve gotten before.

First, I want to thank Cee at Cee’s Photography She is not only a wonderfully creative photographer, she’s a truly supportive friend. She puts a lot of effort into supporting the work of others. Always willing to share the credit and help us find our own fans and followers. She creates prompts that are fun, low stress and aim at getting lots of people involved. It’s been a real joy getting to know her.

I’ve been trying to avoid awards. I have so many. It seems there must be other people who need attention and the “lift” an award brings … but saying no makes me feel like an ingrate so I’m doing this … a mega thank you, long overdue.

But after this, no more, okay? It’s an embarrassment of riches and there are so many young, relatively new blogs out there where some attention and an award would make them feel that they are finally appreciated and noticed!

inner peace award


The three awards from Cee are THE FIELD OF FLOWERS AWARD, THE INNER PEACE AWARD, and THE LIGHTHOUSE AWARD. Each suggests I name a bunch of other blogs to honor, but everyone I connect with is full up with awards. So you are welcome to choose to come and accept an award, responding on whatever level makes you feel comfortable.

I more than understand if you just don’t want to deal with it. Our lives do get busy and full. It can seem less of an award and more an exercise in playing creative “tag you’re it”! Let’s not make it stressful!

About Me, First Go Round



I’m a writer, first and foremost since it was my profession for my entire working life, now my joyous avocation too

A photographer second– but not far behind. I’ve been a serious amateur photographer since I got my first camera the year I turned 22. I think I’m finally getting good enough to feel I’ve made progress

I have a ton of medical problems. I am going in for some big deal heart surgery at the beginning of March. I will be in hospital for about a week and get (oh joy) to spend my birthday (again, third time) in hospital — but hopefully, not the ICU. I don’t think I’m going to die. I do firmly believe I’m going to really hate this — but who likes major surgery, right?

With a teensy bit of luck, will be back annoying everyone in short order.

I started blogging for no particular reason but, to paraphrase something everyone says, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” I’m conscientiously unstructured, unfocused and free-wheeling.

I never want blogging to feel like work. I want to be able to surprise myself and everyone else with variety, wild mood swings, and abrupt changes of subject.  I’m happy that my two co writers — Rich Paschall of Sunday Night Blog and my kick-ass husband, Garry Armstrong — are as free-wheeling as am I. They will be carrying on here to the best of their ability while I’m down for the count.

Regardless — if you want predictability, to know what’s coming? There are lots of blogs that fill specific niches. This is not one of them.

More Honors (I am truly humbled!)



From the fabulous Alienorajt, I am honored with the Dragon Loyalty Award. I think I may have really earned this one. I am nothing if not faithful to other bloggers whose sites I admire and who I feel spread “The Good Stuff” around.

There are so many nasty, miserable sods out there … then … there’s Alienora! Thank you my good friend!

Alienora is a writer. She writes bawdy, honest posts. Sometimes fiction, often funny, almost always deeply touching. A woman of integrity, with great heart, please visit her.

Stuff About Me – You really want MORE?

I’m supposed to come up with 7 more things. Okay, if you insist:

  1. Born and raised in New York city.
  2. Married first time at 18. Bore my son at 22.
  3. My grandchild was born in 1996 and when she isn’t making trouble, she’s the light of my life. Okay, even when she is making trouble.
  4. Writer since forever.
  5. Photographer since a few years shy of forever.
  6. Collect old hard plastic and antique dolls as well as ancient Chinese pottery.
  7. I’m a hard-core reader. Take away everything else, but leave my books. And a few tunes.

Four More? Yes, more!



From my good and loyal friend, Sharla Shults at The Catnip of Life and Awakenings, comes this collection of awards. Like me, Sharla accepts and offers, but doesn’t feel obliged to make anyone do a lot of work. Getting an award is supposed to be fun! From Sharla, it always is!

Sharla writes about life, love, this country and those we honor. She writes poetry, short fiction, and just …. rather like me … about stuff she find interesting and fun. Music, holidays and the great people who are part of our history.

Visit her. She’ll charm and delight you 🙂

Versatile Blogger that’s me!

versatileblogger11Almost forgot and I do apologize. I’ve been collecting all these awards in a file, always planning to do something about them and never quite getting around to it. But here’s the final award — one I’ve gotten previously a couple of times but which seems more appropriate than most.

This award comes from Great Blue Herons, a beautiful photo blog with pictures that make me drool and wonder how come I never get the wild things to stay put and pose for me! You will not, I promise, regret visiting her sight. It’s an inspiration!

I’m (Sort of) (In A Way) Passing Out Batons!



Everyone to whom I would give awards has already given me awards and mostly, I’ve returned the favor. It has begun to feel a lot like a chain letter. So many of you have honored me, it’s truly humbling. I give to all of you a most heartfelt thank you. ALL of you, the people I follow, those about whom I comment … I hear your voices loud and clear. You have supported me, been there for me for two years and you know who you are.

This is my gift to you, originally from Sharla. It’s the award that says it all, the one you can proudly display without worrying about paying anything forward or back. Come and get it! If you are reading this, you’ve earned it!!

Come take an award. Pick one you don’t have. Take them all 🙂

YOU ALL DESERVE THE HONOR and I’m proud to know you!

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21 replies

  1. Congratulations times 4 !!!


  2. Well done and thoroughly deserved! Great acceptance speech. I like the look of the not-having-to-do-anything award. Cool 🙂


    • That’s the ONLY kind I’m going to accept from now on, the kind you say thank you and don’t have to find a dozen new recipients. I’ve written a lot of these speeches … as have you. It time to pass the baton to a new group of bloggers 🙂 I don’t think anyone I know honestly wants another one. It seems so crass to admit it, but there it is, pulsating on the table … eek.


      • As I posted my comment I saw the thing on your sidebar saying as much, in a very tactful and thoughtful way, I thought.

        I’m starting to think along the same lines, especially now that my blog has gone mostly fiction. In fact, I would start a separate fiction blog but then this one would grind to a halt and it’s taken ages to build up.


        • That’s why I’ve never changed sites, even though this one is a bit overloaded. It’s taken so much work to get HERE, to abandon it and start over is a lot more work than I want to do. Besides, you readers are just following along wherever you lead. I know I am.

          I finally made the decision to stop taking awards. After a while, it’s just chain letters. Nice when you are starting out to know someone has noticed you, but when you are getting your dozenth Versatile Blogger Award, it doesn’t have the same sparkle it had in the beginning. So I decided to respond to these because I really like the people who gave them to me … but I’m not continuing the chain. Everyone I’m in contact with has more awards than they know what to do with! Now if it came with a statuette … THAT would be something!


          • I’m thinking the same. There’s one more I really need to do something with but I might sort out something similar to you after that. Then shift mine to a “page” and do something more useful on the sidebar.
            It was great in the early days, but not so much now.


  3. Well done, well deserved, and an excellent acceptance!


  4. Marilyn, your blog is one of my secret pleasures – i love to check out your writings late at night, and delight in the variety of topics you weigh in on, and the great tone of your written voice. Your blog is so deserving of all of these awards. Many thanks for your kind words about my great blue herons! Best, Babsje

    PS – I am remiss in “publicly acknowledging” a handful of awards, myself, and so heartfelt apologies and thanks to the generous people who have awarded them to me. You know who you are, and I promise to get caught up!!


    • They do gang up on you. I’m sure I forgot a bunch of them too. It’s hard to keep track of that and also blog and edit and read and well, you know. But you do wonderful work! Be proud 🙂


      • Thanks again, Marilyn! And good luck with your surgery next month. As Cee said, you have good vibes coming your way from all corners, including from here in Natick, MA.


        • Practically next door! Someday, we should go out and shoot because someday, I’m going to want to do that again. Not for a while. I’ll be, FYI, at Beth Israel in Brookline/Boston.


          • Yep, nearly neighbors, and that would be fun sometime, when it isn’t the winter that never ends any longer! Beth Israel is a great hospital, you’ll be in good hands there. I had my own angiography there years back, and doged the stent bullet. I’m sure things will go well for you there, will be thinking of you!


            • Thanks. Apparently I chose the hospital well. Everyone says it’s THE hospital for heart stuff. I think I’ve done due diligence … the rest? Well … All those positive thoughts should add up to something! Yes, shooting will be nice. When the snow is gone. And maybe some flowers are beginning to bloom. Right now, the world is so very white … practically no color! And so cold. Oy.


  5. You are well loved. Thank you so much for such a great write up…I’m thrilled. Your surgery is going to go smoothly, because you have all of us sending all those good vibes from the blogsphere….and you have your friends there. Thanks for playing along and it sounds as if you had a lot of fun too!


  6. Thoroughly deserved, Marilyn – all of them! – and thanks for your kind words. Enjoy! xxx


    • You deserve even more. I’ve been so distracted — hard to focus on anything. I am suffering from overloaded brain synapses firing in all directions at the same time. Arggh. But thank YOU. You’ve been a great supporter and friend.


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