Daily Prompt: Good Fences?
by Ben Huberman on February 8, 2014

Who are your neighbors? Are you friends with them, barely say hi, or avoid them altogether? Tell us a story — real or invented — about the people on the other side of your wall (or street, or farm, or… you get the point). Photographers, artists, poets: show us NEXT DOOR.

Around the block is a farm (Ee-i-ee-i-oh!)

Dairy cattle, chickens, fresh milk, eggs, and honey … and friendly farmers.

I love the chickens. They are not all regular chickens. Many are fancy with gorgeous plumage. They are all like pets — friendly. They used to range free, but foxes and coyotes were making inroads so reluctantly, the farmer moved the coops and put up wire enclosures. The chickens have a lot of freedom, but not unlimited range.

Wild Turkeys

The local wild turkeys hang around because the farmer feeds them. They are a pugnacious group. Wild turkeys used to be rare, but in recent years, they strut all over the place without any sign of fear, or for that matter, common sense.

No one hunts them. Unless they get eaten by a coyote, their biggest danger is getting run over by a car or truck. They tie up traffic and refuse to hurry.

Yelling at them to move faster makes them angry and they will challenge your car to a duel. They cross roads with no concern for traffic. If you annoy them further (or even they are in a particularly feisty mood), they will attack your car. They are apparently unconcerned whether or not the car is the likely winner of the dispute.

Although they are good flyers — unlike swans, loons and other large water fowl, they don’t need a long runway to achieve liftoff — it never occurs to them to fly. They prefer to stroll. Strut. It’s hard to rouse them to flight, or even to walk or run faster.

When confronted by overwhelming odds — large motor vehicles or people with shotguns — they cop an attitude:  “Oh yeah? Who’s gonna make me?” This has given real meaning to the expression “What a turkey!”

As the old farmer said, “You know, it just takes one tire!” Except, of course, he’s the one who feeds them.

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  6. Beautiful pictures! I envy you such a lovely neighborhood. A quick question, if you don’t mind. How did you get the “other entries” to appear in your post? I would love to do the same but I’m clueless!


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  9. Yes, turkey are stupid. We have a plethora of them here and they are hilarious to watch. And tasty, too. 😀 My parents have chickens and, while they are not free-range, they have extensive roaming privileges. I don’t know how much time Mom spends fixing that darn netting and getting the goats settled!


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  11. I’m sad to say I’ve not found Oregonians very friendly when it comes to neighbors. People are not outgoing by nature here. I moved here from South Carolina where everyone says “hey” when they meet you on the street. Nobody’s a stranger there. Here, folks deliberately ignore you and actually give you “stink eye” when you say anything, even good morning, to them. If you’re able to break the ice socially they warm up but initial contact can be rough.


    • Neighbors are a mixed bag here. Some outright hostile, others friendly in a casual way. None of them wants to be our best friends. For that, you have to go to church. Churches are the social centers of the Valley and if you don’t go to church, it’s very hard to get to know anyone.


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    • Please feel free to drop by with your turkey catching equipment. We will ready the guest room! Of course, I will be filming this while Garry does play-by-play — because it might just go viral on YouTube 🙂


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  14. Actually turkeys are smarter than people realized. I used to have “pet” turkeys named Christmas,Thanksgiving and Easter. That was their purpose which never happened. The turkey around here are not seen too much since they are hunted but in some areas yep they like to control the road. I had chickens with the same issue I used to call my place. KFC or Kansas Fresh Chicken for all of the coyote food they became. they were fenced but would jump the 6 foot tall fence.


    • I can’t argue turkey IQs. They are a whole lot more aggressive than commonsense could possibly support. They will attack anyone or anything. Though they seem to have a reputation for beomg hard to hunt, around here, they pretty much stand in the middle of the road and pose. Maybe it’s because they are NOT hunted and have lost their fear of people.


    • It’s not just OUR turkeys. It’s wild turkeys, everywhere. There are hilarious videos on YouTube of turkey attacks. Turkeys are both stupid and insanely aggressive. What a great combination! Definitely Presidential material.


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