Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Large Subjects

Every time “bigness” comes up in a photography challenge, I default to the biggest thing I ever photographed and which has ever since pretty much defined “big” for me.

The Grand Canyon. I know. Not exactly an obscure subject, but it is … well … so very vast. I felt my camera was utterly inadequate to the task of showing how huge and magnificent this canyon is. Known lovingly and locally as “The Big Hole,” you’d need a fleet of cameras — preferably video — to capture it. I am not sure anything but standing and seeing with your own eyes could do it justice.

Here are my best efforts.

Grand Canyon 11

Grand Canyon 5

Grand Canyon 1


22 thoughts on “HOW BIG IS IT? SOOO BIG!

  1. The Grand Canyon … truly a stunning place. Yet frustrating for me – as it seems so inaccessible. I want to go in there and explore – maybe find some place that nobody has ever been before …


    • It isn’t illegal or impossible. I don’t think there’s any law preventing you from going into the canyon on foot … But not a great idea unless you know what you are doing. Young, strong, and local. For everyone else, it’s potentially slow death while lost, starving and thirsty. You can go down on a donkey — which I always wanted to do. We were a bit long in the tooth to try that. Know thine own arthritic spine. Some stuff is best left to the young. Or at least young-er.


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  3. Hi my friends!

    I’m from Greece and I love very much the Grand Canyon of Arizona!

    Here is my site about Arizona of my heart… http://arizonaofmyheart.wordpress.com/ and here is my all sites http://gkiouzelis.wordpress.com.

    Also I wrote a poem about Grand Canyon:


    When you are in

    the desert and

    the closest railway station

    is so far away …

    When night falls

    and darkness of your heart

    with every grand guignol

    grope you…

    When you feel caged

    in a deep cave

    with steep ravine

    into the depths of your heart,

    into the depths of the earth …

    Then God loving

    with rope hanging in the void

    and every grand guignol

    converts in a

    beautiful Grand Canyon …!


    • The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent and unique places on earth. Not the only one, but definitely something special. Awe-inspiring and I am very glad I had the opportunity to see it.


  4. You totally did the “Big Hole” justice, Marilyn! It made wish my computer screen was bigger. I have had a few different trips to the Grand Canyon and I think it is one place that always has a little piece of you.


    • It was one of those times when I so wished I had a REALLY wide angle lens. I’m not sure what would be wide enough, though. Even your eyes aren’t wide enough. You have to keep turning around to see another part. One of those tourist stops that do NOT disappoint you! I didn’t want to leave. How about those birds flying BELOW you in the Canyon? Talk about amazing!


    • I figured that as BIG goes, there isn’t anything a whole lot bigger, at least not on earth … discounting mountain ranges, Mt. Everest et al. So at least I have the biggest big subject if not the best pictures 🙂


  5. The Grand Canyon is almost too big to comprehend. The first time I went was on a family trip. We parked and walked to the ledge. We stood there for a while, and my dad said, “That’s a big hole.” We all agreed. Then, he asked, “Ready to go?” We all agreed. On our trips, we didn’t stay in one spot very long.


    • It is overwhelming. And grand. The layers of color and texture and everything. I’m not sure that it is something one can truly capture. I think you have to stand there and say “Wow. That’s … immense.”


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