Miss Mendon was born on the drawing board at the Worcester Dining Car Company in 1950 in Worcester, Massachusetts. After 64 years of traveling, she found a home in Mendon in the Blackstone Valley.

Miss Mendon began life as Miss Newport — Worcester Dining Car number #823. She has been repainted, re-tiled, given a bigger dining room and a modern kitchen. She’s had a long life and seen hard times, but despite everything, she has survived with grace and character.

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  1. I love diners and this one reminded me of A1 in Gardiner, Maine. Thank you.


    • I love them too. Massachusetts, the original home of diners, had managed to almost eliminate them. In the past 20 years, they have gradually begun restoring them. It’s great to have them back!


  2. When I first glanced at the photo I thought it was either the Boulevard Diner or the Miss Worcester in Worcester…such great memories for me! Thanks 🙂


    • All Worcester Dining Cars look pretty much alike. When you know them — obviously you do — you can spot them every time, even when they’ve been remodeled. I love that we have so many of them here. We have a tiny one in Uxbridge too. It’s all original, so it’s really small.


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