Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

by Krista on February 12, 2014

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CIRCLE.

My teepee, from its first day, all shiny and white, to it’s nearly final winter, rimed with ice and snow.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Did the original teepees require so much maintenance? I wonder how long skins last. And the poles must’ve been precious, out on the prairie.
    We met a family (non-native) who lived in a teepee, many years ago, by the Snake river. They were sheep herders. It was hunting season and they asked for our deer hides, which we gave. The two children were named Fox and Breeze and they all wore buckskin.


    • I think tepees have always had a limited lifespan, but the plains Indians who used them didn’t live in places where there was a lot of rain. It was a dryer climate, which makes a huge difference. There is still wear and tear because in the end, it’s just hide or skins and sticks, but if you’re not worrying about damp rot and mold, you have fewer problems.

      Tepees are surprisingly pleasant to live in. If they had plumbing and electricity …

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    • I thought about it. Getting a new teepee skin was not a problem. Not even expensive. But poles … they either cost the earth and the moon (it’s the transportation that is so expensive) … or I’d have to make new ones and that’s more than my back will do these days. So all I have left are a few hundred photos and some medicine wheels 🙂

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