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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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13 thoughts on “PERSONAL SPACES”

      1. My dad is a John Wayne freak…calendars, posters, even a full-size cardboard cut-out. Makes me with I was a photographer and could get one with him and the cut-out, trading pistol waves. 😀


        1. Garry has a John Wayne belt buckle. Photographs. Books. DVDs. Did I mentions books? HUGE books … you know, the kind that weight 50 lbs and need their own coffee table? He interviewed him in 1978 (I think that was the year). It was the high point of his professional life, or he felt it was. He was like a little kid.


    1. I love the juxtaposition. I got the poster for Garry one birthday some years ago. It’s his favorite. Along with two figurines (one cavalry, one cowboy) and a big photograph he got of the Duke when he was interviewing him in 1978. Garry and I just cleaned ALL the dolls and ALL the shelves and ALL the pictures. The other side of the room has an even odder mix of art — baseball, Hindu deities and Japanese block prints … and more dolls … plus a few of my photos writ large, as it were 🙂


      1. I love that juxtaposition of a montage with Duke and the ladies. Not sure if Ethan is the most appropriate but guess he’ll do.


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