Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

It would take a tiny bit more than eliminating responsibilities to give me that perfect day. I’d also need some decent weather … cool but clear. Think New England, early half of October bright with autumn leaves and just the tiniest bite in the air.

Autumn Cape Cod October

Add a couple of cameras (no problem, I’ll just grab that bag over there, thanks) and one smiling husband. Just for the day, let’s rent a convertible. I’ll tie my hair back and let the wind try to get the clips out. I want to feel that breeze in my face.

Photo: Debbie Stone

Photo: Debbie Stone

We can go anywhere, right? Stop for ice cream along the way. Discover someplace new, a waterfall we’ve never seen, a brook where heron’s fish or swans are nesting. We’ll capture it and each other in pictures, then on the way home, stop to eat. We’ll gorge on Japanese food and complaining about how much we overate, drive slowly home.

As we relax on the love seat, I’ll fire up my laptop and we can look at our day’s work. Tell each other how wonderful we are and mean every word of it.

It sounds kind of ordinary I guess. Maybe so, but the best days are ones we spend with people we love in the places we want to be. If you are feeling good, that makes it perfect.

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  1. I love the love that I see in the two of you. Beautiful church photo…a great eye! ” I think people ruin their own joy by wanting only things they can’t have. If you want things that you can get, you not only get to dream, but you get to fulfill your dreams … which is good. It makes life richer and you don’t have to feel frustrated all the time.” A quotable quote if ever I heard one.



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