Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 1

Odd ball. What a cool category!

Every photographer has pictures that don’t fit into any category.

For me, they are the peculiar pictures I take which I like, but no one else quite “gets.” These are the ones I take because I see something special. The way the light hits n object. Shadows, textures, juxtaposition of objects, colors. The special smile on a face I love. The soft fading of light in the sky. But so often, I see it, but no one else really likes it. Such are my odd ball pictures.


13 thoughts on “MISFITS AND ODD BALLS

  1. Maybe you’re an oddball and a misfit but your photos are beautiful. Sort of like a visual journal. Congrats on receiving Cee’s award!


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  3. I like a lot of your misfits Marilyn. I see patterns and lots of textures in the rooftop shot, the kitchen floor and more. I love the image of the knives. Very nice collection of images here. 🙂


    • Thanks. These are the pictures I never know what to do with. They aren’t flashy, you know? So I keep them, because I like them, but I usually don’t publish them except sometimes as illustrations. Thanks Bob!!


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