What’s with the 1337 thing? WordPress uses it for a lot of things, for the top number in posts, in follows. I figured it must have some kind of historic significance to them, like the amount of money they had when they started the company, or maybe a time or maybe map coördinates.


I looked it up. Whatever did we do before we had Google? Of course, before the internet, we would not be looking it up because this is the straight stuff: pure internet/gamer/hacker gibberish — er, slang. A bizarre distortion of language and a techno-geek in-joke.


1337 means LEET,  a twisted version of the word “élite.” Which, over the years, has become internet slang for superior. Here’s the math: 1337 (1 – L, 3 – E, 7 – T) = LEET = ELITE.

This is supposed to be tres cool. Do you think it’s cool? I’m curious to hear what you think. I think it’s lame and annoying, but hey, I’m old. Definitely not one of the cool kids.

In fact, I’m not a kid at all.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

23 thoughts on “WHAT’S WITH 1337?”

      1. Marilyn, you and I (and the rest of us) have always been cool – it’s not our fault the kids don’t know that. 😛


        Actually, that alphabet is all weird, too. How do those numbers match those letters? No, don’t look it up, it’s probably not worth it or it won’t make sense. Maybe it’s hip to be uncool. Hey, what is the slang for that nowadays – it can’t be hip or cool, we’ve used those up already.


          1. Well, that’s official – my brain has gone. The really stupid thing about it is when I first saw it, that was exactly the connection that I made – that the numbers looked like the letters. Then obviously, I drifted. Don’t mind me, I’ll go lie down now…


    1. Apparently it’s a generational thing and we older folks are the only ones who didn’t know. Although there are rather a lot of us around the net. I have never been hip, but now I am even more uncool than ever. Oh well 🙂


  1. Thanks for looking this up, Marilyn. I find this whole 1337 thing damned annoying, to be honest, and the very opposite of hip or cool! But then I am a dinosaur!xxx


  2. Really. I guess I’m not geek enough to appreciate it. I’d prefer actual hard numbers. But, hey, it’s not my website, guess I’ll take what it has to offer. Thanks for the sleuthing, Marilyn!


  3. I had always wondered about why I have a badge for “1337 likes”, but never thought to do the research. Thanks for answering this mystery, and I’m a bit bummed it’s something so lame…


  4. Well, shoot! I thought it was just me. That’s pretty lame and annoying, as you said. I never thought to Google it! Thanks for the info! Now I don’t feel special at all!


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