It has been two years since I discovered this fabulous piece of real estate. It’s still on the internet, but is it actually for sale today? No way to know, but no matter. I bet if you make the right good faith offer, you could snag this ideal piece of real estate for your anti-zombie compound.

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Until I a couple of year ago, I never much worried about the zombie apocalypse. Was I merely naïve? Probably. After following a variety of blogs, not to mention social media sites, I have come to realize I’ve been failing to pay proper attention to this threat.

zombie-walking (1)

In my innocence, I worried about health care, the environment, extinction of species, loss of water resources and the fate of the Monarch butterfly. I spent far too much time trying to survive cancer and trying to keep a roof over my head. Someone somewhere said you can only worry about seven things at a time. If you add one more, one of the first seven disappears, drops off the list. It’s possible I didn’t have enough room in my brain to worry about zombies and thus failed to see the dangers of the looming Apocalypse.

That failure has been rectified. I dedicate an appropriate amount of mental energy towards planning against the attack of the brain-eating undead. Don’t ask me how much time that is. I won’t tell you.

As soon as I saw this property, I knew it was the solution. I can’t afford it on my own (I can’t afford anything at all) but I’m sure if we get together — maybe collect all the money Nigerian princes have been offering us — we could easily buy it. It would be the perfect safe haven. No zombies will eat our brains! 

It looks perfectly normal from above.

A second view of the house and it’s sub levels.

It’s when you start going down to lower levels that you realize what a peach of a property this really is — although it’s actually a gorgeous location, even if the zombies never attack.

Aerial view

Aerial view

A beautiful house in the Adirondacks is all you see from the air. Woods, lakes and streams, it’s downright idyllic. It’s got everything including a runway and hangar for private aircraft.

It gets better as you descend.


Underground, it’s a world of its own. How about that media room, eh? I’ve always wanted a room dedicated to electronic media. And maybe movies. Music, too. So maybe a little fixing up to make it perfect. It’s doable.

Really great media room!

Want to be safe? Secure? This is secure!

And, just in case the apocalypse never occurs, you’ve got a lovely estate not far from Saratoga with plenty of room for company.


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  1. Love it… your post, that is! I needed a smile or two today! And, yes, the Adironacks pix are outstanding. 🙂


  2. It needs an underground farm and wind/solar power. Then we’re good.


  3. Somehow this only seems like a temporary solution.


  4. For 1.75 million I’d expect the tunnel to the silo to be a little more stylish, I mean really! Maybe some hand crafted raku tiles. As for the silo itself, it needs a little love from David Tutera and he’d have it fit for weddings and events. A zombie apocalypse should never get in the way of fabulousness! And I’m sure lingering radiation from previously housed warheads would only be a minor inconvenience.

    Fun post!



  5. Want it – want it now – it’s awesome. You could hide from all sorts of things including neighbours and unwelcome family visits. No one is getting through that door – it may even be enough to keep you safe from clowns (don’t ask – just accept, clowns are evil, clowns are bad, clowns must be destroyed). Need to send this to the Zombie Apocalypse site here on WP – right up their alley.


  6. Love it! Want one! xxx


  7. Don’t think I can afford that either. Those darn Zombies! If you can’t beat them, join them!


  8. I’d settle for the hangar in that location 🙂


  9. That’s a pretty piece of property right there. Way out of my price range, I’m sure. But pretty nonetheless.


  10. No more stinkin’ zombies!

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