Marilyn is resting tonight, under heavy sedation, at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Doctors say Marilyn came through 5 hours of surgery "successfully". Surgery included a bypass, a valve REPLACED with tissue and a "MYECTONY" procedure. They shaved a piece of fleshy muscle that was pressing on her heart. That supposedly relieved some of the … Continue reading MARILYN-THE SURGERY


I'm keeping this short because there's not much to report. Yesterday (Wednesday), Marilyn successfully went through cardiac catheterization procedure at Beth Israel hospital in Boston. She just went into surgery (1pm). Doctors first must drain fluid buildup found in her lungs before proceeding with heart valve surgery. They still hope it's a repair job rather … Continue reading MARILYN UPDATE-THURSDAY


Judaism is a religion, but even more it's a philosophy and an ethnicity. An identity. We have special foods, customs, stories derived from wherever "our people" came from -- or at least came from most recently. It was during the time among the Babylonians, and later among the Persians, we incorporated into our folklore shedim (demons) and dibbukim (migrant … Continue reading ALEXANDER LEARNS VIRTUE – A JEWISH FOLKTALE