Despite my passion for masked heroes, I always preferred Superman to Batman. There were a couple of reasons. Superman was genuinely super. Invulnerable. And moreover, HE COULD FLY!

Never underestimate a guy who can fly at supersonic speeds. A boyfriend like that could prove most useful on a day-to-day basis. I mean really. Hey, Supe, can you give me a hand moving to that new apartment ?

Me Not Super

Hey, Supe … the roof leaks … could you take a look at it? And that big boulder in the backyard is ruining my plans for the new garage. You think you might relocate it for me? And if you have some extra time, maybe you could build a foundation for the garage while you are at it? It will just take a couple of minutes …

Marilyn again

So, I’m a Superman kind of gal.

Above and beyond those delightful and useful powers, I loved that no one recognizes him when he wears his glasses. As a long-time eyeglass wearer, I tried it myself.

“Garry,” I say to get his attention. I then whip my glasses off, stare meaningfully into his eyes and ask “Who am I?”

He laughs. So I do it again, but he just laughs harder. I persist and try this on friends, relatives and near total strangers, but alas, no one thinks I’m Wonderwoman or Supergirl.

Do you think I need a costume? Is my white hair too much of a give-away?

If I get myself a costume — a really good costume with a cape and everything — do you think maybe I could fly? Because that’s what it’s all about. Flying. And becoming invulnerable. That would be good too.

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  1. I’m a Batman girl. I even figured out a way to teach Batman movies when I taught ;).


  2. One thing I like about Superman is that out of all the heros he is unique. His costume is Clark Kent – superman is who he is and how he was born.


  3. Oooohhhh… I’ve had more Superman dreams than should be warranted. And… ahem… James Bond dreams I might add.

    Have I mentioned my not-so-beloved mother doing away with my Superman comic books, that would likely have made my first million? Not that I’m bitter. But really, despite the snickers, I do believe ‘twould have been possible. Ahem…. thus, the knowledge…

    Yes, we all fly here. 😉


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