If yesterday (Monday) was a disjointed Mel Brooks movie for Marilyn, today was almost a Frank Capra film by comparison. Yesterday, Marilyn was bumped myriad times, from 1130am to 5pm for a scheduled pacemaker implant and inflation of collapsed lungs. Marilyn went without food from Sunday evening through late yesterday afternoon because of the pending surgery. When, at last Marilyn was wheeled into surgery just after 5pm yesterday, the procedures were postponed again because they didn’t have the proper anesthesia. So ended a not so funny, dysfunctional day with promises of a better tomorrow.

Today, Marilyn was prepped and, right on schedule, wheeled into surgery just before 9am. Less than 3 hours later, Marilyn had a new pacemaker and her lungs were inflated. Breathing was dramatically improved!! By late afternoon, Marilyn was wheeled out of the ICU to a regular hospital room in the Cardiac Care unit. Things were moving so fast that they actually moved Marilyn as she was eating her “delicious” roast chicken dinner!! Marilyn didn’t seem to object to dinner being interrupted.

Cherrie Welburn, who has been with Marilyn 24/7 at Beth Israel, decided she needed a hot shower, a full meal, and full night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. The “Kachingerosa” is a well know 4 star resort in Uxbridge. Marilyn agreed. She also reminded us to bring her some decent coffee tomorrow morning. She reminded us SEVERAL times!! I hope Cherrie remembers.

Marilyn should be up and walking a bit tomorrow. Doctors say if Marilyn’s condition continues to improve, she may be able to come home by week’s end. When I told my beloved wife much we missed her and looked forward to her homecoming, she gave me a wry look. Maybe it’s because I had that sincere reporter’s look on my face.

After the long Jewish goodbye, we left with Marilyn warning us to be careful with the impending bad weather that might impact our drive from Uxbridge tomorrow morning.

Say, goodnight, Marilyn!!





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  1. Excellent news.


  2. Thank you for the updates, and I’m glad for the good news. Still sending positive thoughts y’all’s way.


  3. I’m smiling ear-to-ear, great Marilyn news.
    Marilyn’s absence would be difficult without your updates, thank you Garry.


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