When Will I Be Loved?

When did being loved and being famous become synonymous? This is a first for me. I feel very loved, but I’m not now, nor have I ever been famous. So I’m not sure what this is supposed to be about.

Photo: Debbie Stone

Photo: Debbie Stone

Love? Got that. Amazing friends, many of whom I know only from the WWWorld who have come through for me in a time of great need with caring and support. Old friends with whom I had lost touch, showing back up in my life at a time when any sane acquaintance would run for the hills.

Did I ever yearn for fame? Briefly, when I was writing my book. But I never wanted to be a movie star, politician, stage actress or anyone with a “public face.” Hoped my book would “catch” and make me a few bucks if not famous. Got lots of satisfaction, minus the fame and money and that turned out to be pretty good.

So when will I be loved? I am loved.

When will I be famous? Maybe never … and maybe I don’t care. I’m surprisingly happy with who I am on a spiritual level. My body needs some serious renovation, though.

Let me know when body swaps became possible. I’ll sign on for that one. Although to be fair, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting this old carcass.

12 thoughts on “BUT I AM LOVED … AREN’T I?

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      • You are in my thoughts and prayers every day, Marilyn. So glad that you are improving, even bits at a time. I hurt my back snow shoeing about 6 wk ago and nothing seems to be working. Go back to osteopath on Thurs. Can’t begin to imagine how much you are going through… Just hope you find a really great PCP and specialists too. ❤


  3. Better to be loved. I’m not sure you would want the headache of being famous. I think the famous have a hard time finding real love.
    Adoration of the crowd wouldn’t be very fulfilling. If that is you in the picture, I’d say you have it made.


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