Only Sixteen

Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen yet, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen. 

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Like Merlin in some old Arthurian tales, I am living backwards in time.

Right now, I’m entirely too old and most days, including today, I feel at least 100 years old.

And I’m pretty sure I was never truly sixteen and definitely never Sweet Sixteen. I wasn’t that kind of kid. I was old when I was young, so my reasoning is that as I get older, I will finally be young, like I should have been first time ’round.

Life’s been getting up my nose recently anyhow, so I’m fully prepared for youth — at long last.

It could happen, right?

So what do I want to be when I finally slide into youth? I want to be healthy. No drama, no teenage angst. I will be smart. I will find other smart kids to hang with. I will laugh at the bullies as the losers they are. I will enjoy the freedom of being young with all original body parts working properly for however long it lasts. Magic? Sure, why not.

Going backwards in time has got to give one a few advantages. Life and Karma owe me that much.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!


  1. 16 again? Head full of dreams about writing the great American novel or conquering Hollywood. Heart full of unrequited love for a young red head who thought of me as a nice guy and nothing more. Painfully shy.


  2. Nothing wrong with growing backward through time, heck, Merlin did it, Mork’s Dad (Jonathan Winters), Benjamin Button… and now… Marilyn Armstrong!! 😀


  3. I love how you think and write.

    I can honestly say I am getting younger, perhaps not physically, but I am certainly aging backwards as in letting go of all that seriousness. I would not trade old age and wisdom for all the angst and pettiness of youth for nothing, Even though I was never very angst filled just the thought of it fills me with dread. There is a real blessing in no longer giving a crap about what other people think that can only come with age.


  4. I must come from the same generation as you, Marilyn. When I was sixteen the civil rights movement was on. The US got it’s first Catholic President. Toronto, Canada got a Jewish Mayor. We were full hope that we could change the world and rid it of the many prejudices that plague society. We have come a long way with a black President. But we still have a ways to go and I’m afraid I haven’t changed much. I put a lot of thought into my songs. I just hope I can inspire the youth to keep up the good fight.


    1. Most young people I’ve met are pretty cynical and self-involved. It’s hard to convince them there’s a point to fighting the fight. But — though we didn’t accomplish as much as we wanted, we did accomplish a few things. Not enough by far, but not nothing, either. It’s hard to judge a generation so quickly. Maybe 50 years from now, there’ll be some perspective on us, but now? I do know it was a great time to be growing up — a lot more fun than now!!


    1. I started college when I was 16. I had my first boyfriend. I went to my first anti-war protest … and Kennedy was assassinated. Tempestuous times. My birthday wasn’t such a big deal.


  5. When I was sixteen, I wanted to step out of my shell. I’m not a shy person, don’t get me wrong. But, I never stood up for myself whenever something points out about me. That’s the only thing I would change.


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