A couple of hundred years of polluting the river nearly killed it. How fortunate for us that nature is resilient. Today, The Blackstone Canal is in recovery but it’s slow. The fish are back, though weather or not it’s safe to eat them is a matter of controversy.

Blackstone river and canal divide

This is the early autumn, mid-September. Barely a breeze. The canal is as smooth as glass and reflects like a mirror.



    1. This was the old Blackstone Canal, the main canal that brought cargo from the mills and factories along the Blackstone — Worcester to Providence (RI). There are also a lot of “mini canals” that served the same purpose along tributaries (like the Mumford) and some even smaller canals built for individual mills.
      These connected with bigger canals.

      The canal system was only in use for about 10 years. As soon as the railroads were built, the canals were immediately abandoned. Now they just scenic.


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