Saturday Night!

That’s the way I always thought Saturday Night was supposed to be. It never has been for me. I was an intellectually wild child, but other more popular kinds of wildness — dancing, drinking, drugging and clubbing — never were my scene. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t much of a dancer … or because too-loud music makes my head ache.

I don’t like booze and the kind of drugs I liked were more likely to incline one to listening to music in front of a crackling fire than getting dressed and heading for a club scene.

These days, of course, I know it’s Saturday night only because there’s nothing on TV worth watching except (if we are lucky) old movies or reruns of JAG. I miss quiet evenings with old friends by a fire, but I don’t miss parties. I made good parties, but they weren’t central to my life or a major part of my fun.

Any day of the week, give me a good friend, maybe a nice meal and a long conversation with a lot of laughter. Saturday night or any night of the week, that’ll do it for me.

18 thoughts on “PAH-TEE!

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  2. A Saturday, or just about any day, with my good friend in France or back here is the best day. We don’t have to do anything crazy. We just have fun because we are together. That is the best Saturday.


  3. Not a big party girl either, especially nowadays. Hubby and I like to invite friends over for movies or games, and talk and laugh. Good food , good friends – that’s what life is all about.
    What’s going on with wordpress? I’ve not noticed any problems so far.


    • I don’t feel bad about it either. I feel like maybe I should feel bad, but I don’t really like parties especially loud ones. I was usually reading a book and babysitting my younger sister (no pay). And life wasn’t all that wild back then either.


  4. I was never much of a party person, regardless of the day of the week. Even at university. In fact I only remember going to one actual “student party” and it was complete pants.
    I’m with you on the friend/laughter scenario.


  5. We get the TV program “Leverage” on Saturday night. Some how the Robin Hood feeling comes out and it is a charge to get back at the real “bad guys”.


  6. I am taking a break from WordPress, Marilyn, but will continue to read and respond to other people’s posts, and have set my Gmail page so that all posts come my way. xxx


    • I feel like shooting whoever is “running” WordPress. I don’t understand what they are doing or why they are doing it! But it’s the only blog I’ve got. I’ll watch for you at Google Plus!!


      • Thank you, Marilyn. Yes, I feel a tad homicidal too: from my perspective, if it ain’t broke, why mend it? They have now buggered about with it to such an extent that hits are down. Fortunately for me, my livelihood is not dependent upon the blog. If it were, I’d be selling vestigial body parts by now! xxx


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