Teen Age Idol

I’m too old for this. Teen age idol? Aw, c’mon.

I was madly in love with Johnny Mathis (who?) then traded him in for Marlon Brando who I thought was very cerebral and deep. I loved (still love) the Beatles. the Doors and the Stones, but they weren’t my idols … just great bands I enjoyed.

I had a bit of thing for Harry Belafonte, but he was hot.


it was more than 50 years ago. Seriously. That’s half a century.

If it was ever relevant, it has long passed over into mildly amusing trivia of the distant past.


17 thoughts on “LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY

    • Islands in the Sun and Jamaica Farewell … never equaled. They had a bio-documentary of him on (I think) Netflix. He was the real deal in every way … and oh, my … that voice. Johnny Mathis is another one of a kind voice. I was SO disappointed when I learned he was gay. That meant he would never fall in love with me! It was my first romantic tragedy 🙂


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    • Hardly anyone remembers how sexy Marlon was when he was young. He was sizzling hot … and the Beatles, well, they were just great and still are. I don’t think they’ve ever been topped, but I’m prejudiced 🙂


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