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So there I was, putting a new strap on Garry’s camera. It was part of his birthday present, but it kind of got lost in all the medical crises. Today, I attached it to his camera and it looked good. On … Continue reading


Time for me to confess a few things.

I’m having a hard time. My body and I are at war … and the body is winning. All my systems are out of whack. My gut is in full rebellion. I can’t sleep more than a few hours a night no matter what meds I take.

I can listen to audiobooks but I can’t seem to focus  on text. I’m having a lot of trouble reading your posts because I can’t stay focused on anything longer than a couple of hundred words. I’m best  in the morning. As the day goes on and my various body parts begin to crash, my attention span diminishes with each passing hour.

I look okay, but I’m not. Not yet. I’ll get there, but it’ll take time.

So I apologize to all of you. I can’t keep up. I can’t read all your beautiful posts though I want to. I’ll do more as soon as I can. Right now, just keeping up with comments is a stretch. More will come. Later.


As long as I can remember, I’ve hated watching people make fools of themselves. I was 6 when I found myself running out of the room during an episodes of “Lucy” in which she humiliates herself. It was too painful to watch.


Rather than finding it funny, I feel humiliated myself. I can’t help but think how awful I’d feel if it were me. Humiliation is a horrible feeling. It’s almost impossible to get past it, no matter how many years pass.

Humor that depends on making fun of people does not make me laugh. I love witty dialogue, literary allusion, puns. I love parody and cleverness. Except for some particularly loathsome villains who deserve whatever they get, I never want to see anyone humiliated. I hate cruelty, mental or physical and cannot watch it.

Not surprisingly, I was one of the kids who got teased and bullied. I was way too sensitive. 60 years later, I’m still too sensitive. Some things never change.



Ask Nan. She knows.

Cold? Drizzly? Perfect time to catch up on your sleep. Of course, that’s more or less her answer to everything, except for short excursions into the kitchen in the hope of cadging something tasty. Like a dry biscuit or a fallen piece of lunch meat (mm!).


Bonnie, not to be out done, has taken over the sofa as her own personal napping area, not to be shared with dog or human.