Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 10

Among the all too many collectibles and general “stuff” in my house, at some point I started collecting CelebriDucks,” bath tub toys for grown-ups with a few loose screws. Me.

Check out their website. Most of their rubber duckies are hilarious. Great gifts for people with a bizarre sense of humor.

75-Lone and Groucho Tub toys

75-Owl shakers-1

I also grew fond of oddball salt and pepper shakers. Don’t bother to ask why. I do not have a sensible answer. I sold most of them, but I still have these cuties plus Tweedledum and Tweedledee (from “Alice in Wonderland”).

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7 replies

  1. Oh Marilyn, you made me laugh.


  2. What fun, Marilyn! Both photos are really cute.



  3. Loving those owls. I am often in the quest for the perfect salt and pepper shaker. It’s amazing how many unique ones you can find at a thrift/junk shop!


  4. These are simply marvelous. I’d love to see you collection. Thanks Marilyn.


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