Typically by the end of the first week of May, everything is blooming. Lilacs, tulips, lily of the valley, Mayflowers, masses of dandelions, Solomon’s seal.

Though not quite in flower, green spears of day lily and spiderwort would be up. I’d see carpets of wild strawberry. The forsythia would be brilliant yellow and fresh, golden green leaves would be popping on the maple trees.

Not this year. This is a slow spring, a late spring. I don’t know if our roses survived for they look rather dead … and these being hedge roses, I thought they could survive anything.

Our May woods looks like a March woods. Everything will catch up, eventually … but this is the latest spring I remember in my lifetime.

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  1. Just had a look out our back door and yup, the Forsythia is just beginning to come out. Thank you. I might have missed them.


  2. You guys had a real bad winter. That’s for sure. Glad you are starting to see some green though.


    • Summer will just pop in, replacing spring. That’s not so unusual, but it is very late this year. Not the latest ever — I remember one June when we were on vacation and had to buy sweaters and coats and turn the heat on in the rental. Even July 4th was cold. It happens, but this was a very bad one.


  3. Isn’t it though? Things have just started blooming here in WV, though I think I’ve lost a lilac and butterfly bush :(. The temperatures have been really disappointing and I’ve lost too much weight for my cold weather clothes to fit me. I’m walking around in saggy, baggy pants waiting for the upper 70s! Hope you’re feeling well, despite the slow spring!


    • I’m getting there. More quickly than doctors’ predictions, a lot slower than I’d like. And my energy lasts only a really short time and there’s a lot of stuff I’m not allowed (or able!) to do. BUT. A lot less pain than there was and a general sense of being healthier. It’s all positive and the whining is just part of the healing ritual, sort of a white person version of chanting 🙂


  4. We’re starting to move into summer already. 98F for a high on Wednesday! I want Spring back! And my roses aren’t looking the healthiest, either. I’m hoping they bounce back. They’re knock-out’s, so they’re pretty hardy…we’ll see! (and my lawn was mowed yesterday for the first time this year…so green!!!)


  5. Still waiting, but worth the wait…. I am getting impatient, though.


  6. A slow spring, marking time – just waiting for you to catch up with it, Marilyn


  7. It is certainly our latest spring here as well. It is more like March, including the temperature.


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