Pick Me Up

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?


“Friends are coming to visit!”

That does it every time. Since I’ve been out of the hospital, now more than a month, visits from friends and family have totaled zero. Lots of promises, but I haven’t seen anyone in the flesh. No smiles or hugs except electronically. A few phone calls, a handful of emails, a couple of cards.

I guess everyone is busy.

If anyone out there feels like dropping by, hey, I’d love to see a smile on a face I love!

28 thoughts on “WE’RE ON OUR WAY!

      • Oh yes, Rio de Janeiro. We were there about a week before the Mardi Gras (Carnival) . The prices probably triple at Carnival. They were still preparing for it and it was fun to see. They would have practice events that everyone could go to (small parades where they would dress up in their costumes). It was quite exciting.


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  4. I’d visit, Marilyn, if I weren’t so ruddy far away! I’d make something utterly self-indulgent, involving chocolate probably, or crystalized ginger, and would totter round, basket in hand and hang out with you guys and the Furry Kids. Meanwhile, hugs – Ali xxx


  5. I wish I was up that way…I would come visit! I never see anyone either. Hubby is always in his own world, so even when he’s home, I’m alone. Hugs hon


  6. oh my! where are you? i would come straight away if you are nearby….and I mean it! But if not, consider yourself visited and here’s a video that I hope will make you smile.,….


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