Welcomed by a singing bird. I think it’s an Eastern Kingbird. Can anyone confirm this or otherwise identify this guy? I managed to grab a pretty good shot of him before he flew away.

It was good to be back at the pond.


It was our first trip to the pond in 2014. I was wondering how the swans fared through this terrible winter. I don’t have a complete answer, but there are swans on Whitins Pond. And they are nesting. We saw two swans today.


One was sitting on the nest. The other came right up to us. I wished I’d remembered to bring some bread. He was clearly hoping for a handout!


Hard winters — like this one that seems to have finally passed — take a toll on water fowl. The pond freezes for long periods of time and there is little or nothing to eat. The heavy snow makes it difficult to hide from the weather.


I’m glad we still have some swans. A few of my pictures today and I’ll try to process some of Garry’s tomorrow.


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  1. Reblogged this on Sunday Night Blog and commented:

    It is nice to see Spring somewhere.


  2. I’m thrilled you were able to get out.


  3. Loving those swans! And the buds on the trees!


  4. Looks like eastern kingbird to me. I can’t quite make out whether there’s white at tip of tail. Can you when you look at blow-up of pic? If it’s fringed with white, I’m pretty darned sure.


    • I’ve pretty much eliminated every other bird. The call sounds right. Though I’ve never spotted one before, they are apparently fairly common around here and I always assume I am NOT seeing a rare bird 🙂 Mainly, it’s the heavy beak and fuzzy head plumage 🙂


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