Note: I break my own rules all the time. So the most important rule — the ring to rule them all, so to speak — is do your “thing” whatever it may be. Have fun. The rest will follow.

Or not, but regardless, at least you’ll have a good time.

As far as I can tell, there are a few things I’ve found that work well. They aren’t really rules, just tips. You are more than welcome to ignore me.

  • Keep posts short (500 words or less)
  • Make it funny if you can
  • Pretty pictures get lots of hits
  • Post often.


It’s often said that “Less is more.” In a post, fewer words is good.

Fewer posts is not so good. If you give people more to look at and read, they’ll look and read more. On the other hand, beware of posting so much you become a spammer minus the agenda.

So. Take good photographs. Write stuff to which people can relate. If people identify with you, they become friends and supporters. Be entertaining, even when your material is serious. You might make a real difference. It happens and it is deeply satisfying when it does.

And it helps to have a bit of luck!

Note 2: The picture of the swan has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to use the photograph.


18 thoughts on “IF YOU WANT TO GET HIT

      • Absolutely – but I think the ‘less is more’ is crucial: I used to teach with that in mind, especially in the run up to the dreaded GCSEs. xxx


        • A lot of us need to tighten up our posts. If I don’t check myself, I will ramble on for thousands of words. I fall in love with my own prose, forgetting my cleverness is not enough to get someone to read a 2500 word ramble through my brain!


          • Yes, know what you mean: I can maunder on for the known universe at times. Sometimes, I read something I have written and it’s as saggy as elderly knickers – with about as much allure too! xxx


  1. Good advice. Though I don’t have time to post more what with work and all, you can usually tell when I’m on annual leave, as my posting volume shoots up!
    I’m considering getting a proper camera when I have the money. I take most of my pictures on my phone, but I’d love to take some close-up nature shots with a lens designed for such things.


    • Really, in the end what matter is that you enjoy it and it doesn’t become a burden.

      Now — a proper camera sounds like a wonderful idea. I am very much in favor of cameras (what a shock, eh?). There are so many things you can do with a real camera that a phone doesn’t do well … including framing the shot the way you really want it. Most good point and shoot cameras today have very good macro capabilities. Get something with a good lens (it’s really all about the glass … no matter what else a camera has, it will never be any better than the lens to which it is attached!) — some of the new super-zoom cameras are remarkable. The camera can take pictures of things you actually can’t see with your own eyes. That’s how I get pictures of nesting swans on the other side of the pond. I can’t actually SEE the nesting birds, just a hint of white so I know there’s a bird there. But the camera has a 1200mm zoom — I think it can see to the other side of the moon 🙂


  2. Good “rules.” I think most of them work, too. When I am consistently posting once a day, I have more traffic. Most of my posts are around 500-700 words, and they get more hits than the 1000+ posts. I’m still having issues with pictures, but I’ll get there. I need to get an updated one of Kizzie on there…she just was groomed and she is beyond adorable!


    • I have trouble getting decent pictures of my dogs. The moment I have a camera, they are right in my face or heading into the darkest corner of the room or yard. The defeat me regularly. It’s embarrassing!d


      • You have a couple good ones of Garry holding them though, and several of them just lying around. If I could get Kizzie to stay somewhat still for a couple of seconds, I’d be set, but she is the most difficult girl to photograph.


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