I took this picture “blind” because I could not see the swan with my own eyes. The nest and swan were almost invisible behind the reeds on the far side of the pond. All I could see was a bit of white. But, I figured,”What else could it be but the other swan?” They are always in pairs, especially this time of year when they are breeding.

So using my super zoom, I aimed at the white thing and took a series of pictures. It was the nest. The camera has far better eyesight than I do.

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9 replies

  1. It’s a beautiful shot.;)


  2. Actually, your eyes see better than you give them credit.

    And while we’re at it… muchas gracias for sharing your talents with our Rosa to share with me… it was the most exquisite gift I’ve received in a long time. You have “the eye” my dear… in photography, words, and reporter soul mates. 😀 Kudos on all counts. xoxo


    • Thank you. You must be Rosie’s mom! AH. Connections! I’m glad you like the pictures. I do enjoy sharing them. It makes me happy that they made YOU and Rosie happy. There’s little I have to give these days, but I sure do have a LOT of photographs!


      • Yeppers, RosieSmartyPants’ madre… that’s me.

        Yes, connections, and you give more than you know. A hella lot of pics… I gave it up after my BFF died. She always organized for me, and now I realize they’d just be sitting in a drawer or box.

        May need a swan pic…. 🙂


  3. You nailed it. Wonderful photo.


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