It was a rough winter, but for me, it’s been a difficult spring. Half of March and pretty much all of April just went missing while I was having surgery, in the hospital, then home recovering. Meanwhile, the garden’s been on its own.

wild garden may 2014

Not as many flowers as usual. To no one’s surprise, the weeds and wildflowers have taken over. I’m in no condition to tend the garden — so this year, it gets to do its own thing. Express itself.

It’s a free garden, unfettered by human interference. Some would call it a mess. I call it independent.


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  2. Man, I wish we were rich. I’d love to get my hands on that garden of yours. You could watch from the shade and have ice tea for us 🙂 Miss you. I have been negligent about WP reader friends.


  3. Can I join the garden club? Dandelions and lot of native ‘unidentifyable’ species are popping up everywhere… Guess it’s just and INDEPENDENT YEAR! Thoughts and prayers heading your way each day! XO


  4. I like that take on it…independent garden. My houseplants are now outside, and I’m horrible about watering, so they have also become independent. Will be interesting to see how many I inadvertently kill off this year!


  5. HI Marilyn,
    My garden is looking pretty sad too. I bought some hydrangea and haven’t had the time to plant them. Besides it hasn’t been warm enough. I guess all things take time. I’m sure you must be feeling better too.


  6. Excellent distinction with regard to your garden, Marilyn, and hugs to you. I am just so pleased that you are still here to notice the state of the garden, the slow arrival of spring and all the rest of it. xxx


    • It looks pretty scruffy and if no one tends to it, it’s just going to get worse. But there’s nothing I can do about it, so I just take pictures. When you can’t, you can’t. I need my coffee!


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