Mind Reader

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.

“Garry? Hello?”

“What?!” His voice is muffled, irritable, half asleep.

“Did you put the dogs out earlier?”

The body in the bed makes annoyed face, groans, starts to get up.

“Forget it. I’ll do it.” I do it. And I clean up the pool of pee at the top of the stairs because Nan is getting to the “what’s housebreaking” stage of being an old dog. I hope I never get to that point, but feel free to put me down if I do.

Back to the bedroom after showering. I need to dry my hair. I’m still peeved, but much cleaner. And there’s still no one to complain to. Just an unmoving sleeping husband. I don’t think he is doing much thinking.


25 thoughts on “ZZZZZ”

  1. Earlier today I got a recorded message from my Costco Pharmacy, “Come pick up your prescriptions, or else”! I did so but noticed two mistakes by my new doctor, no Metformin that I’m out of and Insulin that I never get from Costco because there it costs me $750 where the VA Pharmacy charges me $24. That’s more than my rent! :0


    1. That’s why I don’t have the inhalers prescribed for me. $188 for one, $260 for another. Apparently one has to pay big to breathe … and I have no VA pharmacy rights. So I just don’t get the medications I can’t afford, nor does any other person of our age. Sad commentary.


      1. No worse than “You’re entitled to government subsidized house at a great savings to you”! The problem is there are 1,000 people ahead of you on the waiting list, a three year period. 😦


  2. I think ya can either sleep, or ya cannot. Mr. A is likely of the same skillset as QoD. If there’s something exciting, something “happening” around ya, or yer just plain full of energy, you will.not.sleep. If yer exhausted, you.will.sleep…somewhere along the line…because you must.

    And if there’s somethin’ ya just don’t wanna face… like a yappy dog, or pee on the floor, or a weird noise outside… well… ahem… ya at least take the pretense of sleep balls to the wall. 😉


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