One of these days I’ll catch them in the act!

This is not the first time our house pixies have hidden my belongings.

My favorite necklace disappeared for two years, eventually reappearing at the bottom of Garry’s sock drawer. My favorite bracelet vanished, appearing a year later inside the piano bench. My binoculars left their shelf, materializing after some months in the back of the kitchen cupboard. Behind the oatmeal.


Most recently a pair of elegant onyx earrings vanished for months until finally, I ordered a pair of replacements. When they arrived and I went to put them in my jewelry case, there were both earrings … right where I had looked hundreds of times. Darn pixies!

I consulted the wise woman in my life — my best friend. She agreed. Pesky pixies did it. There was no other possible explanation.

Pixies are not evil, but they are mischievous little pranksters. They sneak around at night and hide things in strange places. More to the point, they hide my things. I have been patient with them. Good-natured. I’ve kept my sense of humor through years of criminal pixie activity.

But now, they’ve gone too far. Today I went to get dressed and all my bras were gone. The stretchy sports bras I wear around the house under tee shirts are where they should be, but all the nice ones from Victoria’s Secret are gone. All of them. The white ones, the beige ones, the black ones. The expensive ones.

Even at my most paranoid, I do not believe anyone would steal my underwear.

more pixies

I went through every drawer of both my dressers. Even though we haven’t gone on a vacation in nearly a year (and I’ve worn them since then), I searched all my overnight bags. I also searched the shelf in my closet. Nothing.

The pixies are at it again.

We were on our way to a birthday party, so after an hour of futile searching, I finally gave up and wore whatever I could find that wouldn’t show  under my scoop neck blouse.

How come pixies never mess with Garry’s stuff? Although my necklace turned up in his sock drawer, don’t think that counts. Probably that’s why he doesn’t take me seriously. He laughs at me and says I shouldn’t worry. Everything will show up somewhere. Eventually. But it can be a long wait.

Pixies. Why can’t we have well-mannered helpful pixies who clean the house while we sleep? Like in story books.

Pixies, consider yourselves on notice! I will find you and make you return my underwear. Pesky pixies, I’m coming for you.

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  1. I lived in a basement room at my friends place for a while – he and his mum upstairs.
    Stuff disappeared … I can understand a large bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies … but what would anybody need with 14 forks ?? and my joke book by the toilet ? Flushed ?
    Some things just go unsolved.


  2. Funny post, but I feel your pain. I must have a bad case of the pixies myself. I wonder if there are special sock pixies?


  3. I thought I had brassiere pixies as well. Turned out they were stuffed under a pile of dirty laundry. Not sayin’ you don’t have a pixie problem, just sayin’ that sometimes it’s a mental block issue. 😀


    • We don’t HAVE any piles of dirty laundry and I swear I’ve looked everywhere, including storage areas. I’m sure, wherever they turn out to be, they are all together — smirking and laughing at me. The bras AND the pixies!


  4. They must get the socks too …


    • Nope. The socks go to that Douglas Adams’ Planet of Single Socks. There they live happily ever after, laughing at us as we futilely search for them. It’s a wormhole thing.


  5. It is SO good to know there is someone else having this problem with pesky pixies! Currently they are hiding one of my favorite bras that doesn’t hurt my shoulders, and my socks. The entire pair, not just one. But they are also attacking my husband by moving his painting figures! He found two in the floor and he always puts them away because they are too darned hard to paint because they are small and we just can’t blame it on the puppy. Pixies.


  6. The Facebook God admitted yesterday that he’s the one stealing all of the socks.

    If I remember correctly, you’re supposed to leave a bowl of milk out or some kind a treat to appease the house pixies. If you haven’t been doing that, that’s why they’re being so mischievous. Or was that brownies? It’s been awhile since I’ve read the stories. Maybe it;s both.

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  7. The dogs.


  8. I guess even Pixies appreciate stylish undergarments…. or you have a little crossdresser on the loose…


  9. Damn those pixies and their insidious pixie ways.


  10. So, that is what happens to my socks.


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