I’ve been exploring the Internet longer than most people … basically since it became accessible to “regular” folks. Those were the days when you had to buy special software — Netscape — to get on the net. Protocols were more rigid and frankly, once you got on, there wasn’t all that much to do.

The most useful thing about the Internet was being able to work remotely from home via modem. I had a very fast modem — 2400 BPS! Imagine that. No high speed connections yet, so logging on was a project and not always successful. While your modem and computer square-danced in another room, you could prepare dinner, eat it and wash the dishes … by which time maybe you’d be connected. Maybe not.

Now, of course, connecting is fast, generally easy and everyone does it all the time on every kind of device from computers, tablets, and telephones to DVD players, and cameras. WiFi rules.

Technology has come a very long way in a remarkably short time … but people have not. The same crazy people who were out there 25 or 30 years ago are still out there. Now though, they’ve brought their wacko friends to the party. All the original nutters are with us still — along with their buddies. Men and women of all ages from nations around the globe, all out there promoting a lot of weird shit. I’d call it something else, but frankly, I don’t have a better name for it.

unabomber-sketchCyberspace is home to a rich cross-section of whack jobs. Most are probably harmless cranks. But. There are some scary people out there too. Conspiracy theorists who believe Aliens, the CIA, FBI, NSA, President Obama, the Democratic Party or Fox News are controlling our government and it is our duty to overthrow them. Kill them. Nuke them. Get a big gun, find a nice high building, and start shooting. Or build bombs and blow them up. We have more than enough wannabe unabombers looking for their 15 minutes.

For reasons I cannot fathom, a percentage of these people are my followers. WordPress lets you spam commenters, but we have no choice about who follows us. The sneakiest of the crazies become followers so they can access your site. They scare the crap out of me.

Just because they are “out in cyberspace” doesn’t mean they can’t find me and drop by for an up-close and personal visit. It is why I am so determined to control who has access to my site and why I am ultra careful about strangers “advertising” on Serendipity. I had one yesterday. I gave him the benefit of a doubt, though I had that itchy feeling I was making a mistake.

unabomberHe came back to lecture me on how I was a fraud. Not a true believer in the media-CIA conspiracy to control us and strip us of our freedom. Especially the right to be armed to the teeth and kill bad guys (bad guy = anyone with whom he doesn’t agree).

He explained I was obviously determined to remain ignorant of The Truth — of which he was In Possession — and which he would very much like to share with the world. Truth like “What Really Happened on 9/11,” and how ALL THE MEDIA IN THE WORLD is controlled by the CIA.

Alrighty. I should have trusted my gut the first time I encountered this loony. He’s been trying to get on Serendipity for a while and each time, I’ve deleted his comments. Until yesterday when I gave him a brief pass.

It’s a cautionary tale. We want to be fair, kind, give the other guys’ opinions airtime. We are open-minded, reasonable people. Problem is, they are not. They are dangerous and often psychotic. You don’t want them on your site or anywhere in your world.

Watch out. Err on the side of caution. They can find you if they try and some of them will.

I have this on good authority. That voice in my head … you know, my secret contact in the CIA  … he told me.

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  1. I wonder why you get the crazy people. There have always been crazy people in the world. Now, they have access to information that feeds the crazy. That same access allows them to spread it further.


    • I have no idea why they seem to think I’m one of them, but they do. I wish they would go away. But I wish they would REALLY go away … not just move to another site.


  2. It must be weird to really believe some of that stuff. Except I suppose that if you do, you think it’s normal.
    My little blog has been mercifully free of such persons thus far…


    • I think because I occasionally talk about “issues …” maybe that creates a keyword search that lands these fruitcakes on my site. If you are feeling lonely, I can recommend YOU 🙂 I think many of them are schizophrenic or otherwise suffering from serious mental illnesses. They aren’t merely eccentric.


  3. Why don’t I get any whackjobs on my site? I’m jealous! 😛

    And this post is sure to drive the conspiracy theorists crazy…beware for a sudden influx of odd comments. 😀


  4. Very scary, Marilyn. I agree totally with calipatti’s comments. Frightening how easy it is for the creatures to slither in under the radar. xxx


  5. I distrust anyone who tells me how I think or who I am. Then proceed to lecture me on how I could be a better person. They always think they are so superior.
    At least you caught them early.


    • There are danger signal words. CIA. Conspiracy. The Government. Any combination of ANY words + conspiracy. I don’t get too worried about annoying crazy people who want to improve ME … but the ones that feel they need to overthrow the government with bombs and guns make me very nervous!! Especially when they think I’m a fellow traveler.


  6. I absolutely LOVED this post. It seems that a sure sign of crazy is someone who capitalises the first letter of normal words, “the Telephone police are Listening in now darling.”

    I seem to be missing these followers on my blog and now I’m a bit sad that I don’t get to swap pictures of aluminium hats with them. One can only dream…


    • Please, say a silent thanks because they really ARE scary and having them around is nerve-wracking. You are right about the capital letters. It’s often the first giveaway. Either that or they are just a teensy bit illiterate. Or both.


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