A bright shiny Sunday afternoon in June. At long last, it’s okay to take a canoe or a kayak out onto the Blackstone River. It’s been a long time awaiting.


You still aren’t allowed to swim in the river for a number of reasons. In this particular part of the river as it runs through River Bend Farm, the huge number of snapping turtles makes it unwise to even dangle your toes in the water, much less swim.

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And the river still is sufficiently polluted to make swallowing the water or getting it in your eyes not such a good idea. But boating is officially, finally okay. You can take your raft, kayak or canoe out on the river.

It’s a fine thing to do on a lovely Sunday in June.

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  1. Terrible about the pollution but it still looks great for kayaking. Wish I was there.


    • Considering how essential the Blackstone is to the watershed and how important the watershed is to the entire region, it’s appalling that no one is forcing the polluters to stop polluting!


  2. Great stuff


    • It’s nice that they are finally opening the river to recreation though I worry how it will affect the nesting birds and other animals that breed along the river. They’ve been left in peace for 90 years and are not used to people.


  3. perfect. especially love the first shot through the reeds


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