Rare Medium — Describe a typical day in your life in a form or in a medium you’ve rarely — if ever – used before. If you’re a photoblogger, write a poem. If you’re a poet, write an open letter. If you’re a travel blogger, write a rant.

I use every form on this site. From bad poetry to music, to videos, photography and all kinds of prose — you’ll find it here on Serendipity. So today, photographs are the medium of choice because as it happens, I have a few special ones clamoring to be seen.

Days typically are mostly errands, writing, reading. Retirement is like that. But all of them start in the kitchen. Every day of the week, in all four seasons … life begins in the kitchen.

I’m forever complaining about my kitchen. It’s old, needs remodeling. Too small. Not enough cabinet space (is there ever?) and pathetic counter space.

bright kitchen morning

But I also love it, especially first thing in the morning when the sun comes streaming in.

kitchen morning lightThis time of year, light beckons: “Come out, come out and play!” And sometimes, we do.

Whatever needs doing, whatever is on the schedule — whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or the doctor, or we’ve planned an excursion to a beauty spot to capture some pictures — it starts here.

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  1. I’m fortunate with my kitchen. The woman who had the house before me had it remodelled – real wood floor, lovely counters, granite sink and more cabinets than I can ever hope to fill – two are completely empty!
    Seems such a waste, since I rarely cook 🙂


    • Your cabinets will fill up. I don’t know when, with what or how, but I guarantee it. There’s a natural law at work — nature abhors such a vacuum and will prevail 🙂


      • I can already see that happening. I’ve already experienced “I should throw that out – nah, I’ll chuck it in the garage for now” and the same with the attic this morning. The kitchen cupboards will be next to fill up with stuff I’ll never use 🙂


  2. Those trees in the sunlight do beckon to me! My attention is always captured by a spot o’ green


  3. Yep, I don’t have enough room in my kitchen either, especially as far as counter space is concerned. Great post!


    • Does anyone have enough counter space? After we put our appliances and other stuff on the counter, there is never more than 14″ of space, no matter HOW much you start with 🙂 Everything else is covered by “stuff.” Stuff expands to fill all available surfaces. It’s a law of nature!


  4. It starts in the kitchen with a good cup of Java.


    • Lucky me, I had the post ready to go — all I had to to was hook it up and publish. Good because this is a runaround day. I don’t have much time to ponder. I couldn’t think of a medium I don’t use in the course of a week’s posts … the curse and blessing of being eclectic 🙂


      • how lucky you are to be able to say that! eclectic + interesting. never bored reading your posts! 🙂 enjoy the runaround!


        • I meant to hit the = sign, as in you are eclectic which means interesting!! 😀


          • Thanks!! I’m lucky if I can find the keyboard this early in my day!

            I was always eclectic. I was a tech writer, but also designed books, covers, graphics, indexes and beta tested software. Tech writing can be incredibly boring. If I hadn’t been allowed to do other stuff too, I’d have started drooling. Creating this blog with no boss telling me what to do is the biggest gift of retirement, a freedom I never had before. The multi-media-ness of blogging is one of its great pluses. I love playing with all the different things I can do. I never know what I’ll do next 🙂 I rarely plan. I just do it.



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