Instant Celebrity – If you could be a famous person for a day, who what would you be? Why?


Silver-reaingI would choose to be Silver, the Lone Ranger’s horse. Strong, powerful, beautiful. Galloping free on the range, the wind in my mane, my snow-white tail streaming out behind me. Leaping fences, rearing high on my powerful legs declaring myself the king horses.

I might deign to carry one special man — my Ranger — when he rides out to rid the west of the bad guys and make the world a better, safer place. But when the saddle comes off, I will be free again.

White horse free

I will live off green grasses under blue skies. The wind and running streams will be my friends. No beeping, dinging, or buzzing.

No chores to do, schedules to meet, or bills to pay. I will live my life under the sky with no pain or shame of the past — nor fear of the future.

When my life is over, let me rejoin the earth, My Mother.


Share Your World – 2014 Week 24

What makes you feel the most secure?

Money. A lot of money. Deposited regularly into my account. Or at least I’m sure it would make me feel secure, it if were to happen. I live in hope.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

Hey, just because I’m a Pisces doesn’t mean I want to be a shoe! What if the foot has some kind of nasty fungus? Ew! Now, if you want to know what ARE my favorite shoes … what shoes my feet love the most … I can get behind that!

new shoes

How many languages do you speak?

One and a third. I speak English all the time, or at least if there’s anyone listening. Sometimes, though, I chatter away even if the only one listening is me. Because when I talk to myself, I know I have an appreciative audience — and how often can any of us say that and mean it? I will laugh at my own jokes because I get them.

I speak some Hebrew. Enough to discuss very basic stuff and complain about high prices or the weather. I understand more that I can get my mouth to say and in my dreams, I’m downright fluent. So maybe there’s a whole language trapped in lost memory cells?

What was the largest city you have been to? What is the one thing you remember most?

I grew up in New York when it was the largest city, but by the time I was an adult, NY had been surpassed by London, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

I’ve been to LA and London. I have no idea which is bigger, but I’ll pick London because I loved London and wasn’t thrilled by LA. First and foremost, I remember London’s one-way systems. Trying to get over there, to that street. Seeing the place we wanted to go but being unable to actually get there. Traffic in London was impressive. It beat out the worst traffic I’ve encountered in any American city, including New York, which is pretty awful.

Next to the traffic? I remember the Tower of London. It was my favorite site in the city.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Crooked and Squiggly Lines

What a fun challenge. A double challenge … to have the right picture … and then to find the pictures in my files that are the most crooked and squiggly. It sounds like a law firm, doesn’t it? Crooked and Squiggly, Attorneys-At-Law!

twisted vines manchaug

 Are these crooked, squiggly, or both?