Although we have had a few heavy rains, and certainly had enough snow melt from the winter, spring has been dry this year. I knew it in my head, but I didn’t really know how dry until we visited Manchaug today.

This first gallery is Manchaug, spring and summer 2011.

It was dry. Under the little arched bridge, there was just mud. Except for a trickle, the stream is gone. The lake was reduced to puddles. The falls are gone.

I shot these pictures in May 2012. The previous winter had been without a single heavy snow. The dam was not quite dry, but certainly greatly reduced.

Drought at Manchaug

We all share the same aquifer, everywhere in Massachusetts. Although each of us has our own well, the source of our water is the same and I hope everyone will remember that and use water sparingly.

Manchaug won’t be gone forever. The water controllers probably closed a dam upstream to fill a lake for the Fourth of July festivities. Nonetheless, I find it unsettling. In the years I’ve been visiting Manchaug, I’ve never seen it so dry. Most of it is gone.

I hope we get some rain. Soon.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

25 thoughts on “A DRY SEASON”

    1. We had a TON of snow over the winter and although spring has been a little dry, it was not so bad as to warrant draconian measure. I think a town upstream is stealing the water, probably to create a boating lake. It’s like one of those westerns where the new rancher in town dams up the creek and starts a range war. I wonder what all the birds, fish, turtles and other creatures are doing for a home now?


    1. In this case, some town upstream has taken the water. I wonder what all the animals, fish, birds that used to live on that lake and river are doing now? And it’s ugly, the brown mud where water was so recently. Nasty.


  1. Wow, that really IS dry. We’ve had a ton (and I mean a ton, mostly in severe storms) of rain this year and everything is up. Very different from the last two years when most of the local lake was mud.


    1. The rain/drought line is very local. A few miles away, they’ve had plenty of rain. We are in that weird weather pocket where no matter what is predicted for the rest of the area, it has nothing to do with us. It’s weird. Unnerving.


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