Share Your World – 2014 Week 25

What is your favorite type of dog?

My favorite kind of dog is the kind that I have. Currently, that would be a Scottish Terrier, a Norwich Terrier, a miniature Dachshund and an Australian Shepherd. Previously, there were others — PBGVs, mixed breeds, and others.


If I were to foolishly express a preference for one or another of these fine canine citizens, I am sure that they would learn about it from their doggy friends on Facebook and would turn my life into a living hell.

Bish and Nan Biscuit Time

I love them all equally, as can be demonstrated from the fair and equitable distribution of biscuits, not to mention the endless stream of said treats starting with early in the morning and only ending when I finally limp down the hallway and close the door.


Name one thing not many people know about you.

Off hand, since I started blogging, everyone in the known universe seems to know more about me than I know about myself.

Have you ever gone scuba diving? If you haven’t, would you want to?

No, and not really. I’ve gone snorkeling in the Caribbean and enjoyed it, but all the equipment you need for scuba diving is too much for me. It looks like work.

What was the most important event in your life last week?

waring mini oveen

I bought and got (I just love Amazon) a tabletop convection oven. Now I don’t have to use the great big oven for our itty bitty meals.

I’m hoping it will help get our electric bill under control. It works really well. Faster and neater than the big oven — all for under $100, including shipping!

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17 replies

  1. Wow, that convection oven is quite a bargain!
    Great doggie pics 🙂


  2. Nice to see Garry post on my site last week, and great to see you’re ok Marilyn, you weren’t having the best time whilst I was ‘away’ so I read. Hope you both are well and I’m hoping to get back writing regularly and I’ll be stopping by here more often 🙂


  3. Of course the Kizz is the favorite and most loved Cairn Terrier anywhere in Kansas. She told me so. And then asked for a Pupperoni. 😀

    I so love my big gas oven/stove — even though it’s just me, I find myself still using it frequently. It heats up the house like a mother, and that’s really the only drawback.


    • If I had a gas oven, I’d be very happy. Unfortunately, natural gas is unavailable here so you have a choice of propane or electric. Propane stoves have their own issues … so I do the best I can with electric, but I will never like it the way I loved natural gas.

      As for dogs, well, (shh) all my favorite dogs have been terriers — except for a couple of outstanding (RIP) hounds 🙂 And the combination of hounds and terriers is a daily vaudeville show 🙂


  4. Ditto on the dogs. Bonnie Annie Laurie is the best. She told me.


  5. Oh do I love amazon. We use a convection oven like that for 98% percent of the time. I think the only things we do in the big oven is big pizzas and that we don’t get real often. Believe your doggie babies would know if you picked one over the other. I know mine would. 🙂


    • My little oven will cook a 12″ pizza. It’s got a rounded back to allow for it … but 12″ is a snack pizza for a kid. So for those self-rising dinner pizzas, I guess we’ll have to use the “real” oven. The little one is surprisingly useful and it doesn’t turn the whole kitchen into an oven. I’m patting myself on the back for having made a good choice 🙂

      I’m sure my dogs WOULD know if I were to foolishly play favorites. They wouldn’t take it well, either.


  6. my favorite dog is a Kim … looks like a small red husky with a curly tail … a white chest … floppy ears and a black muzzle. he used to jump on me and lick my face. there was only one Kim.


  7. love those dogs and I never knew there was such a thing as a tabletop convection oven!


    • Neither did I until my electric bill convinced me to seek an alternative to the huge oven. I searched — and found. Many models were really pricey, but this was just $82. Most of the people who reviewed it liked it and were single or couples like us. So I took a chance. So far, so good.


  8. My favorite dog used to be a Rottweiler but since I’ve gotten my Lab, I see the foolishness of my ways. He’s adorable, friendly and super smart.


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