It’s always interesting shooting in tandem. You’ve got the same stuff to look at and some of your pictures are likely to be very similar. But the eyes are different.

The cameras have different lenses and no two photographers ever shoot the scene exactly the same way.

This is Garry’s look at Manchaug.


  1. I really like Garry’s photo. I love it when Chris brings her camera with her and we shoot the same stuff, but boy do they look different. That is the magic of photography and artistry all tied up in one.


    • He has a great eye. I shouldn’t be surprised. He spent his entire career dealing with film, editing film, directing crews on what (and sometimes how) to shoot. He just didn’t do stills. Sometimes our pictures are exactly the same, but usually, he is much more likely to include people and action in his shots than I am. That makes sense too. He was, after all, a news reporter. He looks for stories while I look for scenes.


      • Chris is a project manager at heart and it shows in her photos. She likes a wide angle and wants to see the entire picture…me on the other hand I just want to see what is in front of me…macros. πŸ™‚


        • Garry looks for “stuff going on.” His camera has an exceptionally long and high quality superzoom that goes from 20mm wide to about 850mm long. Close enough to a video camera (it’ll do that too!) to make him feel right at home πŸ™‚ He does work in wide angle more than I do, though.


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