There’s something wondefully appropriate about the brightness of the sun slightly illuminating the dark entry hall, as if the light is calling to those inside to come out into the sun.


Arch Collegia



trees framing blue sky river bend

This brilliant day was a perfect opportunity to use trees to frame that incredibly blue sky. It was an amazing color, almost surreal. I stepped back into the shade, the trees were silhouettes. I pressed the shutter. Voila. A summer sky, framed by trees, captured forever.

leaves frame blue sky river bend 2



Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.


Flavor #32  — A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

Over the many years of my mortal life, I have confessed sins, admitted faults, spoken of my darker thoughts. But never have I publicly confessed the full extent of my strangeness, this peculiar idiosyncrasy which sets me apart from humanity.

I stand before you to tell you the truth. I am not merely non-human, alien and weird. I am an ice-cream cone.


You might never have guessed it just looking at me, but as I stand here before you under the hot television lights, I am melting, pooling and like my pal Frosty The Snowman, I could completely vanish before your very eyes, leaving nothing but a mess of sticky stuff on the ground where once I stood.

Although I started life as a double scoop of chocolate, I soon developed serious fruity tendencies, experimenting first with common, garden-variety strawberry, then advancing into the dangerous territories of rhubarb and gooseberry. I bottomed out with Shibui Ginger in the mid 1960s. That was when I realized I tasted less like ginger and more like Palmolive soap. I was horrified at how far I’d fallen.

After long years of therapy, I have pulled back from the dangerous and exotic world of fruits and retreated to French Vanilla. I have even abandoned true ice cream-hood for a nutritious, less rich (and lactose-free) world of frozen yogurt.

No longer a thrill seeker, I find solace in half-gallon containers bought from the grocery store without so much as a sugar cone to give me form. I urge all of you secret cones out there to join me in openly acknowledging your true nature. Don’t melt alone!

In unity, there is strength.

And now, back to my refrigerator. I’m melting … melting … melting …



There is a trend here on WordPress to give titles and themes to each day of the week, thus heralding the nature of that day’s post. I’m a big fan of challenges and prompts because well, they prompt and challenge me. I thought “Gee, Marilyn, why not dip your oar in those waters.”

Here are five great themes for you. Or should I call them challenges? Prompts? Challenging prompts? All to help you, my good friends, get through your blogging week without ever encountering a moment of writer’s block.


Mawkish Monday – I dedicate Monday to overly sentimental remembrances of the past, especially childhood and former marriage partners. Omit anything bad that happened. Everyone, everything was perfect. It never rained on your summer picnic. Your parents were fantastic. Your relationships were stress free. You were always amazing.

Because we’ve all had that kind of life, right?

Tantrum Tuesday – Rant day! Whatever you are pissed off about, let’er rip! Don’t hold back. How do you really feel?

Whiny Wednesday – Today I encourage you to rake up all the self-pitying bullshit you suppress the rest of the week. If you suffer from baseless feelings of entitlement and believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that life has cheated you, this is your day.

Complain how everyone else gets the good stuff while you get the dregs. Full details of any appalling thing that’s happened to you are welcome.  Let me wallow in your misery because I don’t have nearly enough angst of my own.

Thankful Thursday – Praise the Lord! Forget what you said on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today you praise God (or whoever, whatever) for the wonderfulness of your life, friends, family, marriage, job, shrink, unemployment benefits and social security checks. And food stamps. You can get back to sniveling next week. Today, you are full of joie de vive and want everyone to be jealous of your extraordinary life.

Freak-out Friday – Whatever your mental illness, this is the day to discuss how crazy you are. The bizarre shit you do that you would never tell your closest friend, but given the anonymity of the Internet, you can tell everyone in the electronic universe everything and it won’t come back to haunt you. You can be as weird as you want. I will understand.

After the bragging you did yesterday about your terrific life — you made me feel like crap, but that’s what you had in mind, right? — today you can tell me what a load of garbage it was. Because really, you’re a sociopath, narcissist and maybe a serial killer.

Whatever secrets you’ve been hiding, this is your day to let it all hang out.

I’ll leave weekends unstructured because frankly, I’m exhausted from the last five days. Aren’t you?