There is a trend here on WordPress to give titles and themes to each day of the week, thus heralding the nature of that day’s post. I’m a big fan of challenges and prompts because well, they prompt and challenge me. I thought “Gee, Marilyn, why not dip your oar in those waters.”

Here are five great themes for you. Or should I call them challenges? Prompts? Challenging prompts? All to help you, my good friends, get through your blogging week without ever encountering a moment of writer’s block.


Mawkish Monday – I dedicate Monday to overly sentimental remembrances of the past, especially childhood and former marriage partners. Omit anything bad that happened. Everyone, everything was perfect. It never rained on your summer picnic. Your parents were fantastic. Your relationships were stress free. You were always amazing.

Because we’ve all had that kind of life, right?

Tantrum Tuesday – Rant day! Whatever you are pissed off about, let’er rip! Don’t hold back. How do you really feel?

Whiny Wednesday – Today I encourage you to rake up all the self-pitying bullshit you suppress the rest of the week. If you suffer from baseless feelings of entitlement and believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that life has cheated you, this is your day.

Complain how everyone else gets the good stuff while you get the dregs. Full details of any appalling thing that’s happened to you are welcome.  Let me wallow in your misery because I don’t have nearly enough angst of my own.

Thankful Thursday – Praise the Lord! Forget what you said on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today you praise God (or whoever, whatever) for the wonderfulness of your life, friends, family, marriage, job, shrink, unemployment benefits and social security checks. And food stamps. You can get back to sniveling next week. Today, you are full of joie de vive and want everyone to be jealous of your extraordinary life.

Freak-out Friday – Whatever your mental illness, this is the day to discuss how crazy you are. The bizarre shit you do that you would never tell your closest friend, but given the anonymity of the Internet, you can tell everyone in the electronic universe everything and it won’t come back to haunt you. You can be as weird as you want. I will understand.

After the bragging you did yesterday about your terrific life — you made me feel like crap, but that’s what you had in mind, right? — today you can tell me what a load of garbage it was. Because really, you’re a sociopath, narcissist and maybe a serial killer.

Whatever secrets you’ve been hiding, this is your day to let it all hang out.

I’ll leave weekends unstructured because frankly, I’m exhausted from the last five days. Aren’t you?

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    • I could only manage a mini tantrum that barely scratched the surface of my angst. The problem is I can’t get hold of the people I’m really mad at. And if I did, I doubt they’d stay on the line long enough for me to say my piece. Very frustrating.


      • I hear ya! I started slow, because I knew this conversation would end with screaming and a hang up. So freeing- go find those people Marilyn- and let er rip! 😀


  1. Doubt I’ll meet the challenge but who knows what ‘ideas’ I might wake up to on any given morning! haha 😉


  2. I may actually try to participate…and I’m to a writer. 🙂


  3. Marilyn you are the best- what fabulous prompts! I’m in! 😀


  4. A superb bit of scathe here, Marilyn! Terrific read! Now, better go and get cracking on some CRAZY stuff for Freaky Friday. I am the Eggman, I am the Walrus! xxx


  5. Heh, sounds like fun in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way 🙂


  6. im pretty dead in the water right now .. so i need something.
    strange thing is i had over 8000 hits on my blog yesterday and i had posted nothing. thats a record for me.
    must have been people looking for info on Eli Wallach. ???


    • 8000? My biggest single days was 1400 and it was people who wanted to know about an episode of Criminal Minds. That post eventually garnered more than 12,000 hits and it didn’d deserve it. It wasn’t that good.

      They just don’t appreciate us for ourselves, do they? It’s weird when that happens and you look and your numbers are just popping. Kind of fun, but weird. You will probably get a bit of a long term bump. Out of all of those people, at least some of them will see something in which they are interested and come back. Obviously not all of them (some of them are whack jobs and you don’t need them) … but some. It’s a good starting place!


      • Good grief! Can’t imagine such numbers! My greatest was on Awakenings…3408 hits and the post was Word of the Day – BEER! Go figure! 😉


        • It just happens sometimes. You can’t plan it or make it happen and usually, it’s a post you didn’t think was all that special. It only happened to me once, but some people have that kind of action every day. Not me, but some people.


  7. Awesome. I shall give it a shot.


  8. This is great. You have summed the content of a lot of the bloggers I know in one fun filled theme week!


  9. Sorry, but I’m going to have to pass on most of your daily prompt days. I can’t do Mawkish Monday because, well, I’m just not an overly sensitive kind of a guy. I won’t do Whiny Wednesday because I detest whiny posts, even though I occasionally do a whiny post myself. No way an atheist like me is going to do Thankful Thursday because I ain’t the PTL sort. And Freak-out Friday is not my cup of tea because, as crazy as I can sometimes be, I have no mental illness…at least none that I’m aware of. Besides, if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

    But I’m all aboard for Tantrum Tuesday. I can rant with the best of them.


    • I’ve done them all, except for Freak-out Friday. I figure my readers can dope out whatever is mentally “off” about me without a road map. But I’ve been guilty of all of the others one time or another.

      You don’t have to believe in god to tell the world what a great life you have, by the way. The idea is to make everyone else feel inadequate. No god required.



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