Picky Tongues — You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami, spicy (not a taste per se, but we’re generous): which one do you choose to lose?

Only a healthy young person would suggest I ponder what piece of my sensory apparatus I would prefer to lose.

I’ve lost both breasts to cancer, my stomach to ulcers. I’ve had my heart redesigned and lost a valve to a replacement while adding a pacemaker so it will keep beating. I’ve lost pieces of bone to remove tumors or calcification … and most of my spine is wrapped in an arthritic tunnel of love.

Much of the hair on my head — probably as a protest to the surgery and mayhem perpetrated on my body — has fallen out and apparently intends to remain gone this time. (It fell out several times before, but grew back.)

Now, you want to know what I’d choose to lose?

I do not choose to lose any more of me. Whatever original parts I’ve still got — and there are few enough of them — I will fight to keep.

At the risk of sounding critical, prompts like these are just a wee bit insensitive, don’t you think?

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  1. Yes I think so too but when you are young you don’t care. I didn’t. Hence the adage “if I knew then what I know now” Sorry about your hair M : (


    • I have enough to cover my head and I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter as much as I thought it would. There are always hats.

      If I knew what I know now when I was young, I suspect — other than doing better at protecting my money — I’d do pretty much the same stuff. Well, there’s a marriage I would have skipped. But otherwise more or less the same.


      • Funny we have pretty much the same things I would have done better…….

        I love hats ! Or you can go funky like that singer and wear the bandanna tied in front! THAT would be great!


  2. The young think they’re immortal and immutable. They’ll find out. Even without your losses, I’m not about to relinquish any part of me still available for future use. Who knows when I might need it?


    • Oh, absolutely. Youths really think age is a joke on someone else. I’m sure I was no better. What a shock to discover I was going to be one of THEM. Old people. Sick people. I had it all figured out. I’d get older, but be the same as ever, maybe with gray hair. Surprise!


  3. I think that they are just prompts. Just a way to get you thinking and if you don’t like them, for whatever reason, then you don’t have to write about it. The prompts are for everyone, and you can’t please everyone. They don’t know all the struggles that people have gone through, in order to write appropriate prompts, but they have probably struggled with their own things. The prompts are not intended to offend anyone, and I really don’t understand why they would. I never take them personally and use them to creatively tell a story.


    • There are better (inoffensive) ways to frame such a prompt that are unlikely to upset anyone. How about talking about your favorite or least favorite flavors without adding the threat of loss? Consider that it isn’t just me. Being more sensitive wouldn’t cost anyone a penny but might require 30 seconds more thought on wording. Loss is a serious matter to many people. Within the blogging community, many have suffered terrible losses. There is no reason to poke at sore spots unless, of course, you are blithely unaware or don’t care.


  4. I think that ranting is better sometimes. I mean if people don’t rant about the insensitive prompts, they’ll never know they’re being insensitive. Right?


  5. Time has taken so much, and then you’re expected to give up love of certain types of food. Daily Prompt: that’s just rude!


  6. Jolly well said, Marilyn. I read the prompt, growled and then deleted it! xxx


  7. Such a wonderfully strong person you are! 🙂



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