We scooted over to our little piece of river yesterday.


These were all taken on the banks of Aldrich Creek. It runs parallel the street on which we live.


This little park is in Burriville, just over the Rhode Island border.


A pretty piece of waterway and right now, it’s a riot of green.

34 thoughts on “A RIOT OF GREEN

  1. Wooow… This water looks so… inviting
    I am craving water, both to drink and to swim in – because of the hot hot temperatures here… This looks like an ideal place to just rest…… 🙂


    • I don’t think the water is safe for swimming, probably because of the snapping turtles and other critters. But it is a lovely place to relax, go rowing or fishing, or just picnic under the trees 🙂


      • mg that actually made me laugh because I imagined turtles snapping out of water (I don’t know what snapping means, so I imagine them jumping from water) 😀
        Ugh, I agree… Relaxing in the nature is the best. But only when I don’t forget my mosquito repelent XD


        • Snapping turtles have sharp beaks and live in all our lakes and streams. They grow from itty bitty turtles to monsters of over a hundred pounds. They think a dangling toe looks yummy 🙂 And they have the power to eat that toe, too.


          • 😮

            OMG…. Yeah I bet… Ok, no swimming for me… Did you know that turtles have the strongest bite, stronger even than white shark’s and a lion’s?


              • Hahaha you are right… 😀 But I was just talking about the intensity of a bite, I watched a documentary where they had a sensor and gave all kind of different animals to bite it and it would measure the strength. The strength of white shark is not so much his bite, but the four I think rows of sharp teeth that would not let go and the movement he does with his body (goes frantically left-right) that makes him so deadly.


                • I wouldn’t swim in that river myself. It has a current — and I’m not such a strong swimmer. And then there are the turtles. Not friendly little turtles from a children’s books. Nasty, bad-tempered turtles and a lot of them 🙂


    • Who else? Mr. Serenity himself. He is very focused when he is doing anything. I don’t know if that equals serenity, but I have learned to not interrupt him unless it’s an emergency.


  2. I used to be able to squat like that Garry. Now, I fear, it would would be a one way move that would require a crane to get me back up. 🙂


      • While stationed in Kunsan, Korea I learned a local custom known as a Kimchi Squat where you sit down so close to the ground your butt is touching the back of your heels. The natives can sit this way for hours. I was 22 at the time and could manage for a few minutes. The ceiling in Korean homes were so low you had to squat. There were few chairs.


        • When I was young, I could stand up from a full lotus position without using my hands and didn’t even think about it. Now I’m glad I can get out of the recliner and make it to the kitchen. Times change.


        • I am in pretty good shape. About a month ago I tried to do this for an extended period and after about 1 minute I thought my legs were being crushed. 🙂


    • Thank you.. It really looks like that. Incredibly green. I think I said something to Garry along the lines of “It’s really GREEN out here today.” I actually turned the saturation down a bit. It looked almost surreal. The water looks green because it’s reflecting the surrounding trees. In the fall, the water is autumn leaf colored 🙂


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